Reglan ( Metoclopramide)
Information Sources
  • Law Firm
  • is looking for people who suffered Tardive Dyskinesia as a result of using metoclopramide (numerous brand names, including ReglanŽ, and others).
  • As Galactologue
  • Informative article on Reglan as used to induce lactation; from the San Diego County Breastfeeding Coalition.
  • Archived Post
  • Archived post from message board cautioning on Reglan's use.
  • Article
  • Article relating a family's experience with Reglan.
  • Infolink
  • Infolink article reviewing FAQ about Reglan.
  • Search for yourself
  • Search for "Reglan" at the archived messages from the Adoptive Breastfeeding Resources on the Web site.

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