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This is of course me, in the car that I'd love to be driving, a BMW Z3.

Brian, the ever-present observer. "Move it up a little more on your side."

Yumiko's nicely braided hair.

Yeah, so we staged a shot, it turned out just fine.

Checking out some of the ECHO's competition, this happens to be a new Saturn.

And this is the new third door! Perfect for small children, or small professors!

Don't we all wish that we had a Ford Escort?

Josh is really liking this beauty.

Joseph enjoyed the autoshow perhaps more than any other team member. Over by Hyundai he takes a break.

"So this here is how you get into it huh?"

What's with that Indian guy behind the wheel? That Neon isn't a taxicab! (Kidding Roshan!)

We popped the hood. Ooooh! An engine!

Everybody smile...look this way.

Toyota hopefuls.

Wait! Let me take another one...

Oh look, that handsome man in the green shirt is in this picture.

Smile. It's Brooke!

Josh, cheesing it.

Les, about to be attacked by the zombie waitress.

The origin of the infamous "Don's head" nugget picture. Gosh, I love computers. (snicker)

The bunch of us enjoying lunch at Red Robin after a stint at the Auto Show. I'm happy because my mother had brought me a spare step of keys ot open my car, which I'd locked my keys inside.

Us again. Good food, good company, what more do you need?

We've got lots of pictures of the team eating...hmm, it's a wonder we aren't all fat!

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