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Here we are, reviewing some possible Questions and Answers that the judges could have asked us, but they didn't. Aah, the beautiful Portland International Airport, construction and all.

Arrival in Boise, Idaho, awaiting our shuttle to the DoubleTree Riverside Hotel.

Roshan just hanging out...Les laying on Josh's bed.

A few of us preparing to go "Hit the Hottub!"

Alison! She has no eyes! But how can she see?!

Roshan's ready, come on Christian, tie that shoe!

"Stone Cold" on the left, Apu the Kwik-e Mart clerk (groping "Stone Cold"), Blue-suited politician looking guy with good dental work, and some sauve young man on the right.

Danyel...are you kissing Alison's head?! And what is the guy in the blue shirt doing?!

The three men in dark suits look like they are about to wack the funny man in the blue shirt...their leader appears to be the asian guy with sunglasses.

Oh! A seat saved just for me!

Wow! What a handsome young man. He'll go far.

Down time, Christian dressed down.

Brooke again, and hey look! That handsome young man again! He has a nice hair cut.

"Good afternoon. We are NetGen Strategies representing Portland State University."

Lemon drops courtesy of Les. We raise a toast to our shared effort.

Waiting...the presentation was over, but we still didn't know who would win.

There's Josh wolfing down the food.

Enjoying dinner, awaiting the eminent announcement of the District champs.

Candid moment of Christian and Brian.

The room was pretty full for the awards dinner.

Our four beloved female team members! You guys rock! Uh, girls I mean.

See what happens when you fall asleep and your camera is left out? Joseph, what are you trying to do to me!

We finally figured out to walk through the courtyard so as to avoid the ranch-style interior hallways that never seemed to end.

The river is to our right, maybe that's why they named the hotel the DoubleTree Riverside.

"I've got a Nugget!"

Saturday afternoon, downtown Boise, deserted.

Nice town, nice shops, but where were all the people?

The running man. This running man however was still salient enough not to try and run 9 or more miles each morning.

I think we all understand that sign language.

Sitting outside at Le Poule Rouge, or "The Purple Turkey" I think is how it translates.

Christian is trying to snag a drink...

11pm to 4am?! Breakfast at midnight. Maybe IHOP could start advertising such a thing. It could work!

Our wonderful rooms all looked about the same.

What shall we eat this time?

We did a fair amount of eating. Here we are sitting outside of the Bitter Creek Ale House.

Menus, what to eat?

Sign language again!

We moved inside, it got too windy and cold. The food was good, and kudos to the rabbit-ear-handed man at the end that picked up the tab. Thanks Don!


Waiting for the plane, playing with Jack Daniels cards.

This man needs sleep, and a tan.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

On the plane. Maybe I should have turned off that electronic device, the camera. Oh well, we didn't crash.