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This pattern was created to withstand the whims of fashion and figures....its fit has helped it sell more than 3,000 patterns strictly by word of mouth. It is the basis for so many new styles: flat fronts with simple darts, cargo pants with zippers, drawstring and elastic waists, and more.

The pattern comes with a flier that will help you convert it into any fashionable pant you choose. The key was to design this basic with great shape and fit, then you can make any redesign simply from your good fit basic. The back is especially flattering to all figure types. How you redesign the front will be up to you.

The pattern includes a special tummy flattening panel built-in to the construction. It also includes the interchangeable pant liner that will save hours of lining construction and money at the dry cleaner. I've worn this style with each of the changes described in the free flier for more than fifteen years with little tweaks to it's front construction, leg width and even length, converting them to Bermuda shorts for spring 2006.

Here's my favorite customer comment: "I have to tell you how disappointed I was when I made my first pair of pants with your pattern. They fit so well and turned out so perfectly that I wish I'd have made them in better fabric to begin with."

Pants: Best fabrics will be matte, dark, and drapey or fall softly. Avoid stiff and fat fabrics such as poplin, duck, tweed, or corduroy.

Use wool or rayon crepe, menswear fabrics, lightweight wool flannel, wool or rayon gabardine, silk duppioni, silk noil, sueded silk or rayon, wool jersey, doubleknit

Pantsliner: Ambiance™ from Logantex company. It's treated to be static free and will wash or dry clean. Make it once, and you can use it with all of your pants and save on dry cleaning bills and sewing time.

The yardages are a little more for this pattern because there is a facing at the inner edge of the pocket. You can use a different fabric for the tummy panel and it won't show at the edge of the pocket.


8" or 9" zipper,


Waistband interfacing

Bits of fusible interfacing to stabilize the pocket foldline


Yardage Requirements:
All yardages given are given for "with nap" layout.
sizes 8-18: 45" fabric - 2 1/2 yds.
sizes 8 -12: 60" fabric - 1 5/8 yds.
sizes 14: 2 yds.
sizes 16 & 18: 45" fabric - 2 1/2 yds.

all sizes:
45" fabric - 2 - 2 1/2 yds.
Depending on your height, you'll need two lengths (measure from waist to ankle plus 2" for casing and hem).

Pants Measurements







Finished length from waist

40 7/8

41 1/8

41 1/4

41 1/2

41 3/4


Finished hip 9" below waist

41 7/8


44 1/2

45 3/4



Fiinished width at lower edge

14 5/8

15 1/8

15 5/8

16 1/8

16 5/8


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