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The Fashion Sewing Group Newsletter brings subscribers 104-108 pages each year in six issues of fashion sewing information: how-tos for designer knock-offs (with full-sized templates for details when required), fashion trend information with corresponding construction technique, trendy garment accessories to purchase (which has included mink trim, dressmaker oversized hooks and closures, French trims and similar), fabric swatches of the latest trends for mail order, and lots of enthusiasm and fun reading --all about fashion sewing -- without heavy-handed construction, but always with the most current techniques for top quality results. The newsletter has no outside advertising.

First printed in 1993, the newsletter went international in 1995 and is now beginning it's 14th year with more than a thousand subscribers around the globe.The newsletter frequently provides full-sized pattern templates to use on the Fashion Sewing Group Patterns -- creating new looks and getting more value from the same patterns. The redesigns can be applied to most commercial patterns, but are designed to fit directly with the author's original 8 pattern fashion collection that has been a best selling independent company since 1998.

There are sometimes two different swatch sets, depending on the season, for the different US climates, so northern states will receive more woolens and appropriate fabrics for each of the four-seasons. Southern regions will receive lightweight woolens, but with typical rayons, linens and cottons, more appropriate to a warmer climate. During the summer months, both regions receive the same swatches. If you prefer the other set, you can just ask for it., but two sets cannot be mailed.

The September/October 2007 issue:

  • Fall 2007 "plus a dash of daing"
  • Fall/Winter Fashion Report
  • -Trapunto Work on Knits
  • Using a Knit for a Woven Pattern, the new Dress--is it a dress or a jumper?
  • Fabrics include an amazing collection of four different color stories: grey, navy blue, brown and olive/sage greens and include Italian woolens, incredible knits, brushed cotton twills, boucle, plaid and more

    The November/December 2007 issue:

    • Holiday Projects
    • Working with Double Faced Fabrics and Double Cloth
    • A Reversible Hoodie Vest
    • Knit Flowers
    • Fabrics include lots of reds including double crepes, a spectacular couture rose velveteen, a knit, and suitings plus a black evening fabric woven with black lurex and colors

      The January/February 2006 issue is a must for anyone looking for more sewing time to sew clothing. If you want to sample an especially useful issue if you're among those needing some constructive motivation, order this one:

      • 20 pages to jumpstart your sewing year entitled, "Waiting for Someday?"
      • 10 suggestions are made for getting your sewing moving forward faster and with greater confidence in your decision making
      • Techniques are given for construction to allow for simple alteration if you need to lose a few pounds rather than waiting to sew until you lose
      • How to give yourself your own sewing lesson
      • Concrete ways to find time to sew more

      Published and mailed first class, the newsletter is just $30.00 year and is sent in January, March, May, July, September and November. Canadian subscriptions are US$32.00 and Australia/UK/Europe Subs are US$34.00. US Renewals are $28.00 year. In Canada, $30.00. UK/Europe/other overseas $32.00.

      To subscribe

      Click on the order form or simply email: If you'd like to preview it first, send $5.00 for a sample of the previous issue. Then, if you like what you read, send an additional $25.00 and you'll get the rest of the year's (five) more issues. This offer is only for new subscribers. All subscribers receive six mailings a year (including fabric swatches) multiple pattern conversions, sewing technique and fashion interpretation, information about seminars and new products, in addition to discounts on notions and fabrics.

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