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    Welcome To Midi Rampage!  I have compiled a large collection of midis from all over the net just for your enjoyment.  This site will be constantly growing and changing.  I hope that I have all of the midis you could ever want, but if I don't, feel free to fill out my request form and I'll be sure to find it for you.  Do you have an excellent midi that I don't have?  Feel free to send it to me.

    I've also started a users Top 13 Picks program.  It's pretty simple, just vote on your favorite midi from each category and I'll compile all of the votes and post the top pick from each category.  Above you'll find the current Top 13 Picks of the week.  Just scroll down and click the one(s) that you'd like to hear. 

    If you have a midi site of your own, or have just stumbled across and incredible site elsewhere, feel free to use the Add URL feature.  This feature can also be used to report dead links within my site.  I'll review all of the URLs and add them no later than 48 hours after receiving them.

    If you have any problems with anything on my site, or just wish to send me a msg or two, feel free to em@il me, page me on ICQ, or even call me via NetMeeting®.  Enjoy your visit with me.


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©The MIDI files on this page were all found in public domain MIDI libraries. To the best of my knowledge, these files are all in the public domain. If there is a file that shouldn't be here, by all means please let me know.


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Last revised: October 13, 1998