In traditional Reiki, the attunement process is often a painstakingly accurate and careful ceremony, in which each piece of the attunement must be performed perfectly. New Western thought has brought us to understand that the effectiveness of any attunement is contingent entirely upon the readiness of the recipient to  receive the empowerment. Just as in Reiki healing - Reiki initiation is the result of a connection between the Source, and the Initiate. The attuning Reiki Master is really of little importance in the project. I tell my students that our task, as attuner, is simply to become that little tone one hears when they log on to the Network. From that point on, the interaction between the Initiate and the Source may be interesting, but in fact, it's none of our business, if the initiate is not inclined to discuss the experience. 

Here are two of my favorite accelerated attunements:

My Reiki Master, Robyn, and I like to wear bracelets with bells on them, so there is this delightful tinkling sound as we draw the vortices during the attunement. The attached graphic makes a very simple diagram for doing attunements - it can be printed on a small card for reference, and makes attuning so simple, even little children can do them -- even if they cannot read yet!

Upon insertion of each symbol, draw a vortex with one hand above the other, then blow a short puff of Dragon Breath to empower the symbol blowing the Breath of Life into the corresponding chakra.

Beginning above the Crown Chakra, draw the White Light  JohRei symbol descending into the energetic body of the initiate. While doing this,  repeat the name of the symbol, and asking that the recipient become a clear and perfect channel. The energy of this symbol and this chakra is Violet and White, and dissipates gently into the aura. Vortex. Puff.

While still standing behind the initiate,  begin drawing the Tibetan Fire Serpent, starting from the base of the spine - Root Chakra, spiral and upward, just as Kundalini energy rising. I draw the top of the symbol in a drawing away motion from the Third Eye - as if to leave that doorway open. Vortex. Puff.

In front of the student, draw the Usui Cho Ku Rei - the symbol of empowerment. Gently press the symbol into the Third Eye, drawing downward, intending that the empowerment flow throughout the body. Vortex. Puff.

Throat Chakra - center of communication, is naturally linked to the symbol, HanSheZeShonen -- the symbol for sending thoughts over distance.  Draw this symbol in front of the throat, dispersing it throughout the entire body. Vortex. Puff.

Draw Se Hei Ki in front of the Heart Chakra -- gently pushing in  perfect balance and harmony, and dispersing the energy of Unconditional Love throughout the energy field. Vortex. Puff.

At the Solar Plexus - center of fear and the opposite  - truth -- a symbol that has always looked to me like a lamp -- the lamp of Hermes, and the lamp of Dr. Usui, standing on a street corner in Kyoto, looking for an honest man to learn Reiki. Dai Ko Mio! Treat the symbol as the others, pushing in, dispersing throughout, and with the blessing that this initiate shall be free from fear / delusion. Vortex. Puff.

Second Chakra, governing Creativity and where resides all the fears of tribe and separation. Visually, this symbol suggests to me, ego leaping into the abyss Push it in, release throughout the body. Vortex. Puff.

In front of the student, draw each of the symbols one time into the palms, tap these in three times, close the hands together and again clap them between my own palms, intending that these hands become empowered for the transfer of Reiki.

Repeat the Fire Serpent motion from the front this time, again drawing Kundalini energy up from the Root Chakra and upward through the Crown Chakra.

Stepping back, release all of the Dragon Breath (Violet Breath) that has been held throughout the process. This is the final empowerment.

Congratulate the new Reiki Master.