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Howdy Ya'll! My name is Kevin AKA BearFoot. Welcome to The Bear Cave!

I live in Austin Tx. My birthday is Sept. 1st. I really enjoy playing disc golf and the Grrrrrreat outdoors. I am a self employed carpenter/ artist/ used car salesman/ mercenary/ fishing guide/ chef/ male stripper/ loose woman tightener/ preacher/ spy/ stand up comic/ gardener/ astronaut/ pro ball player/ lumber jack/gator wrestler/ rodeo clown/ acro fiend/ massuse/ Playboy photographer/ author/ arctic explorer/tall tale teller/ nuclear physicist/yak herder/race car driver/brain surgeon/ moon shiner/ fireman/ Presidential adviser, and when I have time I also raise tropical fish. My dogs name is ROUXPHUSS pronounced RUFUS, and hope someday to win the Noble Prize for worlds biggest Bull Sh!tter.



Tom Cruise, Eat your heart out!


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Did I Mention Spam?

See the Spam! FEEL the Spam! Become one with the Spam!

A shrine to the pink potted porcine product in all its glorious glistening greasy glory

A Tribute To The Worlds Grrrrreatest Rock and Roll Band Ever!!

Have Mercy!


  Uncle Kevin's Riverside Recipes

Some of my favorite recipes you only wished you knew how to make!

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