What is Ench?

  Ench (pronounced 'enk') is the name of my most recent and elaborate game. Set in a 16th century world with 18th century technology, Ench is sure to deliver a variety of interesting puzzels. The plot is something like the following; You take on the role of either a young man or women who happened to over hear a discussion between a mayor candiate and a strange accomplise. They have a plan to make sure he becomes elected into office. They decide to block out the sun. Using ancient black magic they use two of the three moons orbiting the planet to collide- creating a cloud of space dust that sits still in place. The man then offers his powerfull magic skills to move the dust if elected- and elected to a monarchy type  government system. The people know that if they don't give in they will die and so will there world. The air is already getting cool. After they elect him everyone is forced to be his slave; Building tall monuments and shrines dedicated to him. You rebel and lead a group of two hundread people to hide in a great valley named Ench- cut off from the rest of the world. The game mainly takes place on your jouney to Ench. After discovering ancient cave writings on the walls inside the Ench mountains, you discover that your own death as well as the world's is close at hand. The story of Ench is told through pre-rendered Full Motion Videos similar to that seen in Final Fantasy 7+ or Parasite Eve. The ambient sounds are all life-like, and the cinematic music is completely enveloping. To become a member of the Ench team and recieve all the tools nessesary to work on this epic title (providing you already own GCS 2.0) - join the Ench list bot below or email me here if you want to know more.

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