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Updated July 15th 2002

G2 No More and That's Final
Yep, thats it. The site was supposed to be picked up by a couple people who then never actually got started with anything. Shame really. Oh well. GCSGames.com is still periodically updated, and surely the mailing list must still be full of a lot of information and feedback. So check those out. Also, look into other game creation tools such as 3D Rad, Jet 3D, Genesis 3D, Web Driver, and others. This site will stick around for archival purposes and such.

Free: 3D Studio Max R3 for GCS Users!
KTX has told us that 3D Studio Max will come free with all future releases of the GCS for Windows. "We are very impressed with the GCS and by giving Pie the ability to offer Max with the GCS will open up a whole new field for game making that wasn't available to these people before..." says KTX president...

G2 Moves... and more.
GCS 2.000 now has a new home. Thanks to Internations! Internations is offering us plenty of space without pop up ads like Tripod did. All G2 affiliates and soon to open sister sites covering other engines will also be hosted with Internations.

Mighty MD2's
Thanks to "Mighty Monkey" we have 2 new G2 exclusive MD2's! The first is a ceiling lamp. The other is a Sniper/Hunting rifle in two different versions! One with a scope and one with static sights! Is that sweet or what? Sorry for the lack of updates, had major testing at school and so I'm treating myself to Resident Evil: Code Veronica on my Dreamcast. First download the MD2's, then buy RE: Code Veronica. You'll be glad you did both.

GCS Union Site Open!!!
If you're a member of GCS Union you HAVE to check it out. If not, you have to check it out and sign up! So... check it out.

Big Things are Happening
Once again G2 is going through some major changes for the better. GCS 2.000 will soon bring coverage of multiple gaming engines and moddelling software. G2 will recieve the same GCS dedication it always has had, the only difference is extra content is added, not replaced. And I got some BIG GCS plans comming too! What do you think? Tell us in the forum and new poll.

2.08 Is FINALLY Out!
The GCS's biggest upgrade since 2.0 is now available from PSKY's site! Get it now!

Poll Results
and Editorial
Wood Chuck Poll will not be reviewed.
Do you think the GCS would make a great holiday gift?

Absolutely! (28)           56%

Maybe... (10)             20%

Absolutely not. (12)           24%

50 Total Votes

Obviously the GCS is not for everyone. But in my opinion it is for most people. It's so easy anyone can learn to use it. I'd recommend it to anyone that owns a computer and plays video games. That's a lot of people. In fact that is almost half of the teenagers and young adults in the United States.

I agree with those Yes's and Maybe's. But those No's? How is the GCS not a great gift? I'm guessing that it's because you use the GCS as a professional tool. I think of the GCS as a fun hobby myself with professional capabilities. It could be used as a professional tool. I would get a license for a more powerful engine if I was creating a commercial product, which I am. Then again the GCS is plenty powerful enough to pull off a simple 3D game that's fun to play. It won't be the next Quake but with a little hard work you could pull off a product worthy of my 20 bucks. Speaking of money that was my 2 cents.

Make sure to check out the new poll and PLEASE MAIL IN SUGGESTIONS FOR FUTURE ONES!

-Jim Smith
GCS 2.000 Editor

GCS 2.000 Poll
Do you like the changes to the site?
Graphics are good, but covering other engines is bad.
Graphics are bad, but covering other engines is good.
Graphics bad, engines bad.
Graphics good, engines good.
Is Jim god?


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