The Game Creation System is a product from Pie in the Sky Software. PSKY was started by Kevin Stokes in 1987. In 1995 PSKY released the GCS for DOS (I prefer to it as GCS Classic because it really is) and became a success.  The GCS allowed average people like you and myself to create a 3D game comparable to DOOM without or with very little programming experience. Using a point and click interface many instantly fell in love with its familiar design. Later as Windows* became widely used PSKY felt the need to release a new GCS for the PC. And so GCS for Windows was born. Utilizing Direct X technology by Microsoft the graphics  are close to those seen in Quake.
    Now PSKY has released the free 2.0 upgrade for their already great GCSW product. The upgrade, released June 13th, 1999 adds tons of new features such as landscaping, MD2 model implementation,  water, elevators, ramps, and the list goes on and on and on. In the near future PSKY is also going to release vehicle and multi-player add-ons as well as GCS Menu and Editor for Windows. In closing I'd like to thank Kevin Stokes for giving so many people a way to release their creativity and share it with others. So, thank you.



To order the GCS for Windows head over to the the Pie in the Sky web site.