Screen Shot

Blast! 3D


My name:  Alan
Game name:  Blast! 3D
Image 1 description:  What is down these stairs...?
Image 2 description:  Two more want to get shot!
Where to get:  GCS Games

Cannible Island

My name:  Dan
Game name:  Cannible Island
Image description:  Crocodile MD2 enemy!
Where to get:  A demo may be available soon at  Adano3DGameProduction.


My name:  "Josh"
Game name:  Militia
Image description:  No Description
Where to get:  A demo is available at www.gcsgames.com.

The Tickle People


My Name: Lonnie Flickinger
Game Name: The Tickle People©
Where to get: http://www.maxminn.com/chiselhead/index.html  Demo
available soon.

A: Image Description: shot of the hub area of level 2

B: Image Description: Inside the mine! All mine! cavern. Swim fast, they
follow you!

C: Image Description: About to be discovered walking down a hallway. Pray
before you go around the corner.


My name:  Brad Withers
Game name:  THUNDRA
Image description:  Taken from outside the prison complex on Thundala.  The alien in the sky (as is the one to the right) are one of the many prisoners that have taken over, and are headed for the city 3 miles below the mountain. This area is the first of four levels that will be availablein the demo which utilize the cool effects of 2.0
Where to get:  A demo should be available when 2.0 allows us to compile successfully. It will be available from my website at http://members.xoom.com/spungulas.

**no title**


My Name: Brian Kauke
Game Name: Not decided - I am actually making it with my friend and dont know
if development will even continue.
Image Description:  This area will be used in one of the later levels. It
required a lot of floor polygon work and it is currently pre-2.0, so the
player will soon be able to swim in the lava (however unsucessfully:).  The
island that you see will prbably be used for a key.
Where to get: Cant... yet.

Taking Screen Shots

    Taking a screen shot is very easy. Probably the most practicle way is to press the Print Screen key on your keyboard located near the Scroll Lock key. This will convert what ever is visible on your screen into an image. But it isn't saved anywhere, you must paste it into a program. If you have Netscape Navigator 3+ you can paste it right into Mozilla or Composer and the image will be converted into jpeg. You can paste and save the image in any program you want, but not all programs save in the jpeg file format. So if you don't know how to save this way just paste the image into the Window's paint program and save it as a bmp file. Email it to me and I will convert it for you.

What this gallery is for...

    This gallery is for displaying the works of fellow GCS'ers in a screen shot format. This gets your game publicity and shows everyone how talented you are. If I recieve too many images I will put up the best first. Also, remember to include the name of the game the screen shot is from (if it has one), describe what's in the picture, and if the game is done tell where you can get it. Basically your email letter should look like this:

My Name: Joe Bob
Game Name: Volcano Maze
Image Description: Taken from inside a volcano. There is a ledge you
can walk on in the far back and to the right is a spider monster.
Where to get: Download the demo at my web site (www.myhost.com/manysub-directories/) or purchase the whole one.

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