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To have your game hosted here contact me and I will put it up within 10 hours after recieiving your email. I won't rate or review your game, just put it up to the world as soon as possible. If you do wish to have your game reviewed/previewed I will gladly do so and put up an article with a rating and screen shots. For other games made with other engines such as Q-Basic, C, and Visual Basic choose from the menu below the table. This is a GCS site but I felt the need to add these other engines for you. Us game makers shouldn't be restricted to the use of just one engine; Let your creativity over flow with 2D as well.

Web Site
Escape! 3D None available Speeding Bullet 3.17 Megs Go Now!
The Tickle People (beta) None available Lonnie Flickinger 5.7   Megs Go Now!
Defense None available Natty Dread 5.95 Megs Go Now!


            Text Adventures*                    Graphic Adventures*                    GCS Classic*
                 (Interactive Fiction)                          (Side Scrollers and Puzzels)                   (New games, old engine)

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*Yes I know I said this was a 2.0 only site but I'm a chronic liar. Just kidding... or am I?