----About G2----

Welcome to GCS 2.000. This site is a shrine for owners of the Game Creation System 2.0 for windows. Although almost any browser can view the site, it is heavily coded with Shockwave Flash 3, so you'll need a newer browser or Flash 3 Plugin in order to view everything correctly. Trust me, if you don't get Flash you really are missing a lot and your tripling page loading times.  If you haven't noticed, this site has gone through a major makeover in celebration of the new beta release of the 2.0 upgrade for GCS for Windows 4+. New files that you can expect to see here for the upgrade are enemy models, skins, objects, and textures. There is also a group project section that's been here for a few months but will go through some major changes in the following weeks for a new fantasy game. Also, expect a new poll here every few weeks or so. The results will be saved on an additional page for later viewing in case you missed one. And one last thing, there are now tutorials in the tutorial section... makes sense. If you have a tutorial please send it in and I will post it within 5 hours after I receive it in my mail.
   That's it. Hope you enjoy these pages. If you have questions or comments send them through the "EMAIL" button on the main page.

James S.

P.S. Make sure you have the Century Gothic font installed on your system.

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