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Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside as Ham Tyler
Biographical Information

Michael was born February 12, 1950 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He grew up in the area of Queen and Pape.  His father worked in maintenance while his mother raised Michael and his four siblings.  Michael attended the Ontario College of Art and worked in the construction industry before beginning his acting career. He originally took up acting only because he felt it would help him as a writer, his goal at the time.  When he couldn't find work as an actor, he would often work on the set in whatever capacity he could find.  He continued to take roofing jobs even while he was acting, and when he hurt his leg on the set of "Total Recall", he was more concerned that he would no longer be able to do roofing, which he still considered his "fall back" career.  In 1996, Michael was the Coach of the NHL Celebrity All-Star Hockey Team.
He has been married twice, and has a daughter named Adrienne, who acts and has worked as an Assistant Director.  Adrienne appears with Michael in the movie "Captive".  Michael has been married to Karen Dinwiddie since 1986.  The couple had their first child, a daughter named Findlay (called "Finn") on November 30, 1998.  Michael's close friend, and V costar, Mickey Jones, was the Best Man at his wedding to Karen.  Thanks to Shelby for additional information.  Also many thanks to Janine, and to Michael and Karen Ironside for allowing me to release the name and date of birth of their lovely daughter!

**  As of November 1999, Michael has been filming a movie tentatively entitled "Borderline Normal" in Regina, Saskatchewan.  James Whittingham, comedian and co-host of The James and Kevin Show in Regina, was one of those chosen to work on the film.  Though James' role was brief, he reports that Michael was extremely kind on the set, offering him encouragement and even suggesting lines.  The film is about a group of teenagers dealing with divorce.  Michael plays the main adult character -- the track coach of the main teen character.  His characters name is "Cap".  For more information on James, please visit his website for The James and Kevin Show!

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