323. Happily Ever After

United States, Original Air Date, May 9, 1999.
Written by: David E. Kelley
Directed by: Dwight Little


Disclaimer: The character and writing transcribed here are not mine. They are strictly the property of David E. Kelley Productions. Also, I'm not making any money off of this; I didn't write it; and it's strictly for amusement, not for buying or selling.

Note: Occasionally, you'll see a phrase in brackets in the middle of the dialogue. They're just my stray comments. They mean nothing. Enjoy!


(Night. Camera zooms from between buildings to cut to Lindsay, in the conference room, talking on the phone to Helen.)

Lindsay: I'm leaving any second.

Helen's voice: When?

Lindsay: As soon as Bobby gets here. Would it be so terrible if you had to blind date without us?

Helen's voice: Yes!

Lindsay: All right! He should have been here a half hour ago... (camera cuts away and we see a dark-clothed person wearing a cross coming through the door to the office) Wait, I think he's here now... (yells into office) Bobby?

Helen's voice: Hurry up!

Lindsay: Goodbye... (Begins to walk out of conference room and into the office) Bobby, you're late. Helen's mad at me now because- (she stops short as she sees no one in the darkened office. She heads towards Bobby's office) Bobby? (she peeks into the small room and sees no one. She turns back around and drops the folder she's holding onto a nearby desk, looking down at it, hands on her hips. A crash from nearby makes her jump, and she's starting to look scared)

Lindsay: (uncertainly) Bobby...funny... (she walks over to another desk, where the crash sounded like it came from, and sighs) It's not funny... (she turns back around and begins to walk away. The camera does a close up on her face, and we see a person with some kind of dark mask on behind her. She seems to sense the person, and rolls her eyes, thinking it's Bobby. She turns around, sees the person and gasps. We see the person swing a knife up towards her. She cries out as she's stabbed three times. On the third strike she falls to the floor. We see the assailant step over her and hear them walk quickly out of the office, shutting the door behind them. Lindsay lies on the floor gasping for breath, her hands bloody, before she seems to give up and lies still.)




(We hear the phone ringing. The machine immediately picks up and, as we hear Lucy's voice on the tape, we see Lindsay, gasping, raise herself up on her elbows and start to crawl over to the desk where the phone is. The machine beeps and Helen's voice comes on)

Helen's voice: Where the hell are you guys? This guy's in the living room, he's drunk on guacamole, he's as funny as a harsh tack. (Lindsay pushes a chair aside and tries desperately to pull herself up on the desk to reach the phone) I'm dying here, guys. Dying... [oh, the irony!] (Lindsay grabs for the phone, but her hands are slippery from the blood and she begins to choke, so she slumps to the floor before she can get it. We see Bobby come through the door.)

Bobby: Lindsay, you here? (he sees Lindsay lying on the floor gasping for breath, her entire upper body covered with blood) Oh my god... (he stops short, looking shocked, then springs into motion, knocking things off the desk in his haste to get to her) Oh my god! Lindsay! (He throws himself down next to her and raises her head up. She struggles to breathe and she opens her eyes and looks blankly at him) Lindsay...

Lindsay: (weakly) Nun... (he looks at her, confused, and she gasps some more and passes out)


(We see the stretcher with Lindsay on it being wheeled into an emergency room, Bobby running alongside it. Her shirt is off, and you can see the gaping wounds with bandages over them, she's been intubated and someone is squeezing a bag to make her breathe)

Paramedic: BP's 160 palp, pulse 130, weak.

ER attending: Neck veins are distended, get her into [trauma] 2...

Bobby: (sounding desperate) Hold on, Lindsay... hold on! (she is wheeled into a trauma unit, vbarious doctors and nurses work on her and Bobby watches in the background)

Doctor: Paddles ready...call the OR, tell them to get a chest tray...

Nurse: Clear! 1..2..3.. (Lindsay's body jerks as she is defibrillated, the nurse pauses and looks at a machine) Got a pulse, normal sinus rhythm...

Doctor: (shakes head) Muffled heart sounds, get me a syringe... (closeup on a bloody peice of skin with a syringe being injected. We see Bobby craning his neck to see and holding his hands as if in prayer, then back to the syringe, which is drawing blood out. The music in this scene is the same as the music from the teaser for the finale in the previous week's episode, everything is very chaotic)

Doctor: Get ready to crack the chest...

Another doctor: Scalpel... (a nurse pulls Lindsay's arm up so that is rests next to her head and a blue sheet is pulled over her chest. We see Bobby desperately trying to look. A nurse shoos him out of the room)


(Closeup on the hospital entrance, we see it is Saint Anne's Hospital. We then see Bobby sitting in the waiting room, rubbing his hands and looking red-eyed. The we then see Helen come around a corner, look around, see Bobby, and make her way over quickly)

Helen: (as she's walking, almost desperately) Where?

Bobby: (stands up and shrugs his shoulders. We now can see the tears in his eyes and we hear them in his voice) Still in surgery.

Helen: Is she... (Bobby shakes his head and she hugs him in relief, beginning to cry. He hugs her back gently)

Bobby: I don't know anything yet.

Helen: (tearfilled) What happened?

Bobby: She said 'nun'. (Helen pulls back from the hug and looks at him questioningly)

Helen: Nun?

Bobby: She- she just looked at me, and she said 'nun'... (his voice breaks on the last word. At that moment, the doctor walks over to them. Bobby and Helen watch her come with looks of dread)

Doctor: (quietly) The...aorta was punctured. We think we've repaired it, but in the next 24 hours...we'll know.

Bobby: Know what?

Doctor: She went through a lot of punishment...it's amazing she even made it here. (Helen begins to sob)

Bobby: (runs his hands over his eyes) Where is she?

Doctor: She's in ICU.

Bobby: Can I see her? (Doctor looks as if she's about to say no, then sighs and relents)

Doctor: Okay. (she nods to Helen and leads them away)


(In ICU, the doctor pulls away a curtain and we see Lindsay lying on a bed, hooked up to about a zillion machines, including a respirator. Bobby looks horrified and extremely worried, and Helen puts a hand to her mouth. They walk over.)

Bobby: Can- can she hear me?

Doctor: It's possible, but I want her to stay calm. You can tell her you're here.

Bobby: (nods and looks down at Lindsay) Lindsay...it's me, Bobby. Helen's with me too... (sighs) You just hold on. You're going to be fine. Just hold on...

Helen: (tearfilled) We'll be right here when you wake up... (she takes hold of Lindsay's hand, which lies still)

Bobby: We'll be right here.


(Office, it's daytime. Closeup on a mop cleaning up a large pool of blood and the trail to the phone. The camera pans up and we see Eugene behind the police tape, looking sad. He walks over to a desk, where Ellenor, Rebecca, and Jimmy sit and look on. Rebecca motions to the blood.)

Rebecca: This isn't evidence?

Eugene: (shrugging his shoulders) They got all they needed.

Lucy: (sitting at her desk) Eugene... Bobby's got an arraignment this morning on Watson... the carjacker murder.

Eugene: (walks over to her) I'll take it.

Lucy: I'll get the file. (The door opens and we see Bobby enter, looking quite disheveled. His tie is undone, there's a shadow on his face, and he looks very red-eyed and tired. He walks around Lucy's desk to his office while everyone looks at him. Once he's in his office, Eugene follows him, but Bobby comes back out and stumbles.)

Bobby: Excuse me.

Eugene: (stepping aside) Sorry. (Bobby walks back over to Lucy's desk and begins to look through papers. Everyone looks at Ellenor, and she sighs.)

Ellenor: No change, Bobby?

Bobby: (pauses, then with a gravelly voice) No. (everyone looks quite sad and shocked at what has happened. Bobby talks to Lucy) You got the Watson file? (Lucy looks at Eugene)

Eugene: Bobby, I thought I'd take it.

Bobby: I can do it.

Eugene: Yeah, but do you think under the circumstances-

Bobby: I'm fine. I can do it. (Eugene sighs and looks down)


[Note: One of the things I love most about this episode is Lara Flynn Boyle's amazing acting. In each scene, Helen comes across as this angry avenging angel who'll take no prisoners in her quest to find Lindsay's attacker, but then, as soon as she's with her injured friend, she softens up and is gentle, almost motherly. It's very well done.]

(Helen's office. We see Helen and a police detective come through the door, Helen a flurry of motion as she walks over to her desk.)

Helen: Every nun that works in that church, get them all in here.

Mike: Helen...

Helen: She said 'nun'!

Mike: Look, we don't know-

Helen: Lindsay freed the nun killer, now she gets stabbed by a nun. I'm gonna play a hunch and say it was someone who works in that church. Get every one of them in here for questioning.

Mike: We can question them there.

Helen: I want them here; I want it in our conrtrol, I want them sequestered from eachother.

Mike: If we bring them here it's custodial. Do you want to be reading Miranda to fifty nuns?

Helen: (leans on her desk and looks up at him) Yes. Go get them.


(Courtroom. We see Judge Hiller.)

Baliff: 32623, Commonwealth versus Joseph Watson, murder in the second degree.

Bobby: (rises) Bobby Donnell for the defendant, your honor, waive reading.

D.A.: Curtis Simmons for the commonwealth, your honor, we'd be opposing bail.

Bobby: My client isn't a flight risk, your honor.

Simmons: Safety risk.

Bobby: This is the first time he's ever shot anybody. (Judge Hiller looks at him, shocked at such a slip-up. Bobby catches himself) Allegedly.

Hiller: I'm denying bail.

Bobby: Defense asks for a probable cause hearing.

Hiller: This afternoon, two o'clock?

Simmons: (shrugs) Fine.

Hiller: I'll see Mr. Donnell in chambers. (Bobby sighs)


(The door opens to Hiller's office. She moves aside and lets Bobby through)

Hiller: (gently) How's she doing?

Bobby: (sighs) She's still in critical condition.

Hiller: (walking over to her desk) And you?

Bobby: (pauses and looks down) I'm fine.

Hiller: Do you think that we could get someone in your firm to handle this case?

Bobby: I'm fine, it's- (he sighs) It's a good distraction.

Hiller: Yes, and you look distracted! Do you know what you just said in there? This is the first time he's ever shot somebody? (she shakes her head) That's not good defending talk.

Why not take a few days?

Bobby: (raising his voice) And do what? Just sit next her bed?

Hiller: Well, yes!

Bobby: (looks down. We can see the tears forming. His voice becomes hoarse) I can't do anything for her there! It- (he looks down again, then raises his head again, in control.) I'm fine, your honor.

Hiller: (seeing not to push him anymore) Okay. (Bobby takes his briefcase and leaves. Hiller looks after him, her face worried.)


(Hospital. We see Bobby walk over to Lindsay's bedside and sit down opposite Lucy, who is holding Lindsay's hand.)

Lucy: Hey.

Bobby: Hi. (He takes Lindsay's hand and whispers) Hey, Lindsay... it's me. The doctors say you're- you're doing good. (pause) Lucy's here... (to Lucy) You- you been talking to her?

Lucy: Well, I've been afraid to, since everyone says I'm annoying. (Bobby smiles and laughs gently at this)

Bobby: Ellenor's coming in after lunch...

Lucy: Her parents just left.

Bobby: (begins to cry, holding her hand up to his cheek) We all love you... (huge pause as he cradles her hand and kisses it) ...I love you. You just keep- keep getting better... (Lucy looks on sadly. We see a priest come over, standing in the shadows. Lucy opens her mouth and looks at him. Bobby sees her and looks around. Upon seeing the priest, he becomes angry and stands.)

Bobby: She's not dying, get out! (The priest moves towards him) Get out, she's not dying!

Priest: Bobby, Bobby, it's me! Patrick! (As he steps into the light, Bobby recognizes him to be Patrick, his priest and friend.)

Bobby: (sighs in relief) I'm sorry. I thought... I thought you-

Patrick: (waves his hand as if to say it doesn't matter) I know, it's okay. (pauses and looks at Bobby) Are you okay?

Bobby: (whispering) Yeah. Yeah. (Patrick does the sign of the cross and Bobby sits back down. They begin to pray)

Bobby & Patrick: Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women...blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for our sinners now and in the hour of their death. (Lucy bows her head)

Patrick: Amen.

Bobby: Amen. (chokes back tears as he does the sign of the cross)




(Closeup of TV newscast)

Man: Evidently the police are on a huge nun roundup. (We see Jimmy, Rebecca, Ellenor, Eugene, and Lucy sitting around the conference table watching) You'll remember Lindsay Dole was the attorney who secured the freedom of Michael Kingston, the man accused of murdering and mutilating Sister Caroline Oaks. Miss Dole has apparently identified a nun as her attacker, and the police think the two cases may be connected. (Rebecca clicks off the machine)

Jimmy: How did this nun know Lindsay would be working late?

Lucy: (raising her voice) I didn't tell!

Jimmy: I'm not accusing you of telling... I'm asking a question. (everyone sighs and rolls their eyes) Can't anyone ask a question around here without everyone getting all defensive? (Rebecca touches his arm to calm him, and he turns on her) Why's everything an attack?

Ellenor: Well, good to see you don't get defensive!

Jimmy: Hey, you know what, Ellenor-

Ellenor: No, you know what, I don't know!

Rebecca: All right, let's not be biting eachother's heads off, please!

Jimmy: I'm not biting heads off! I ask a simple question, and Lucy gets all defensive-

Lucy: Well, you're accusing me of helping a stabbing nun!

Jimmy: (simultaneous with Lucy) And Ellenor backs it up!

Eugene: (yelling over the chaos) Come on! (everyone stops and glares at each other. The room fairly crackles with tension)


(Courtroom. We see a police officer on the stand.)

Officer: The suspect matched the description, we detained him.

Simmons: The defendant.

Officer: Yes. We found articles belonging to the victim in his pocket, so we places him under arrest, read him his rights, and brought him down to the precinct. (Time shifts and we see Bobby now questioning him.)

Bobby: Did he ever ask for his lawyer?

Officer: He shouted out something about how he was entitled to a phone call, to call his lawyer. We told him he could make that call when we got to the precinct.

Bobby: Did he make that call?

Officer: I believe he did, ah- he left a message on the lawyer's machine. (We see Simmons now crossing a new witness. If you watch Seinfeld, it's the same guy who played George's boss Kreuger.)

Simmons: Did you have occasion to question the defendant?

Smiley: Yes I did, during which interrogation he confessed to killing Jennifer Lyman, the owner of the vehicle. (We see Bobby now questioning)

Bobby: (sweeping his arms) He just confessed.

Smiley: That's correct.

Bobby: (Sarcastically) Did he hand you a cookie with this confession?

Simmons: Objection...

Hiller: Sustained.

Bobby: Did he ever ask for his lawyer during your interrogation?

Smiley: No, he did not.

Bobby: Did you know he had called his lawyer?

Smiley: No, I did not.

Bobby: You didn't know when you went into that room to interrogate him that he had made a call to his lawyer?

Smiley: I was told he was thinking about contacting his lawyer, that's all.

Bobby: So what did you say when you walked in there? Did you say anything with respect to his hiring a lawyer?

Smiley: I said he was free to bring in an attorney and that he, of course, was entitled to one, but that he also might want to think about talking to me without one.

Bobby: Why?

Smiley: Basically, I convinced him that with cooperation came my reccommendation for leniency. We talked a little bit more on that, and then he decided to speak to me voluntarily, and it was, at that time, without an attorney present.

Bobby: And this was in the course of this discussion that...

Smiley: He confessed to killing Ms. Lyman.

Bobby: Your Honor, it is at this time that the defense moves to suppress my client's statement... 6th amendment, right to counsel. (Simmons looks disgruntled. Hiller sighs and bangs the gavel.)

Hiller: All arguments tomorrow, two o'clock. (Bobby immediately grabs his briefcase and walks out of the room.)


(The door opens to an office, and we see Judge Kittleson enter with Jimmy. She begins to hang up her robe.)

Kittleson: The whole weekend? What about coming back a little early?

Jimmy: I just don't feel right being away right now...she's in critical condition.

Kittleson: (sighs) You're right. Is there anything I can do, Jimmy?

Jimmy: (walks over to the desk) Just pray, I guess... with the rest of us. (He sets his briefcase down on her desk and knocks some papers off the edge)

Kittleson: (smiles) It's all right.

Jimmy: (moves around the desk to pick up the papers) The doctors say we should know something soon, but... I don't know, you get nicked in the heart, you can't- (he stops short as he sees a picture among the fallen papers. It's a black-and-white photo of Bobby and Lindsay, taken on the street somewhere. They're walking together and laughing. Lindsay's face, however, is all scratched, as if scribbled over with a pen. Jimmy stares at it, shocked.)

Kittleson: (worried) Jimmy, what? Are you okay?

Jimmy: What? Oh, I was just... thinking about something the doctors said. (He scoops up the papers, tucking the photo beneath them)

Kittleson: (looking sideways at him) Are you all right?

Jimmy: Yeah, uh... this is all kind of stressful, you know... (Kittleson walks over to the door and locks it, then back over to Jimmy)

Kittleson: At the risk of seeming completely insensitive... My mother told me that the day my father's father died, he was so despondent that all she wanted to do was take his mind off it. (She puts her face close to Jimmy's) And, when all else fails... (we hear Jimmy's zipper go down)

Jimmy: (uncomfortable) I'm not in the mood for that right now.

Kittleson: (controlling) I am... (Jimmy looks at her, a little frightened)


(I'm not sure of this location, but it's a big room and it looks like it might be a part of the courthouse. The large room is noisy and filled with nuns. Helen walks around with a clipboard. We see Bobby enter and walk over to Helen.)

Bobby: Why are you doing this here?

Helen: I convinced them to do it all at once, and there's no room in the police station. (A defense attorney walks up to them)

Lawyer: If this isn't a major civil rights violation- (Helen rolls her eyes)

Helen: Oh, go kill yourself.

Bobby: Helen...

Helen: This isn't custodial counsel, any one of them is free to leave.

Lawyer: In which case you told them they'd become suspects.