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I had wanted to contact several of the more active members by phone to discuss this before the scheduled September meeting. I officially canceled the room with the Library for the 9/10 meeting, but if there are some of you who would still like to get together, I doubt they will have it rescheduled so quickly. You might show up and see if they let you in to use it. I had been planning to discuss this "club business" at the meeting with those who showed up. A schedule conflict for next week makes this web page a better way to handle this topic anyway.

The Aurora Astronomical Association needs someone to act as a meeting organizer. I have done this job for nearly two and one-half years now. I am a lot busier with work and "life", and I have increasing demands with responsibilities to my family.

I have discussed this with the other two, original club founders. Michael Brown is also very busy, and Bill Eareckson hasn't had his telescope out since last November. Bill did suggest the possibility that the club might consider meeting at people's houses if that would be of interest.

The Library room is reserved through 2004, it is still available for meetings/gatherings.

I will still maintain the web site, and work with anyone interested in organizing the meetings, to keep the page(s) up to date. I will be happy to continue on as the AlCor if we stay together as a group.

This web page will serve for future announcements regarding, "what's going on with the A-cubed?".

If you are interested in serving in this position, contact me at the link below. I will let you know if I get more than one person interested, and let all interested parties talk amongst themselves.

If you scan over the latest revisions to the web site, you may notice that I have moved away from the e-mail notification for meetings. If we get someone willing to take on the job, it will be up to them to decide if they will resume the practice of e-mail notification for meetings/gatherings.

Thank you,

LeRoy Guatney

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Created: 6 September 2002.
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