Last Update: 6 September 2003.

National Astronomy Day News

Our Inaugural Meeting was held on Saturday, April 28th, 2001, at the Aurora Public Library in Aurora, Colorado. It was decided by the charter members that we would meet from now on, every Wednesday on or before the Full Moon.

We will start out being a low-key organization—no officers, no by-laws, and no dues. Just Astronomy, observing, and comraderie.

Club News

The Aurora Astronomical Association is now a member of the Astronomical League. Contact your club Astronomical League Correspondent (ALCor), Leroy Guatney, for info on how to join. Click the link above, or to the right, to open a new window to the AL website.

Schedule News

Our 2004 meeting dates have been approved. See the planning calendar below for 2004-5. I had to move our 11/24 date to 11/17 since the Library will close early that day for Thanksgiving.

September 10th Meeting

Formal meeting cancelled - read more details on the club business page.

August 6th Meeting

was NASA's Mercury Messenger Mission — thanks Michael H.!

Any Meeting

Bring your (members or the public) telescope to a meeting, and we will be happy to help you learn how to use it.

A3 and SETI@home

Join the club's processing group, and search for extra-terrestrials.


7:30 PM - 8:30 PM

We meet at the Central Aurora Public Library at
14949 E. Alameda Dr.
Dates Room
01/15/2003 Activity Room
02/12/2003 Theater
03/12/2003 Theater
04/16/2003 Activity Room
05/14/2003 Theater
06/11/2003 Theater
07/09/2003 Theater
08/06/2003 Theater
09/10/2003 Theater
10/08/2003 Theater
11/05/2003 Theater
12/03/2003 Theater

To reach the Theater or Activity Room, enter the library main entrance, proceed straight in, past the elevator, and follow the wall on the left. It will jog to the left into the Children's Books section, and both rooms are adjacent, on the left.

These are NOT the conference rooms immediately to the left as you enter the library.

Meeting notification

I have discontinued the practice of e-mailing meeting reminders. Stay tuned to this web site for information on the club's activities. You can also check on the current business page.

A-cubed STAR PARTY "Lake of Stars - where the stars come out."

No Dates scheduled for 2003

Open to the public - Cherry Creek State Park admission fee or pass required, but no charge to look through the telescopes.

2002 Dates/Times:

Friday, August 16th, 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Saturday, September 14th, 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM
We also have more information, directions, and a map.

A-cubed Special Interest Groups (A3SIGs)

For More Information

contact Leroy Guatney, ngc5139@earthlink.net, through the link below (remove the two "nospam" parts of the address in your mail window when it opens from any links on this web page) - Leroy is also the Astronomical League Correspondent (ALCor) for the club

Support from friendly Neighbors

Northern Colorado Astronomical Society
Front Range Astronomy Connection
Cheyenne Astronomical Society (Home of WUTS - Weekend Under The Stars)
Mountain Astronomical Research Section (M.A.R.S.)/Astronomical League
Colorado Astronomy — really packed with lots of local information!
Sky & Telescope Magazine
North American Skies (Larry Sessions)
Astronomy Classes at Community College of Aurora (Larry Sessions)
Dave Trott also teaches Astronomy at CCA
Longmont Astronomical Society
Roger Wendell
Cherry Creek State Park
KIØDZ Keep Looking Up!
Foothills Christian Astronomical Association — the Denver Area's Newest club!
DeepSkyMike's Homepage — check it out (Michael Hotka)
Rocky Mountain Astronomy Club — Southern Colorado Astronomy

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Long Range Planning Calendar

Future meeting dates (not final until a room is scheduled)

2004-5 Calendar Years
for long-range scheduling purposes
Dates Room
01/07/2004 Theater
02/04/2004 Theater
03/03/2004 Theater
03/31/2004 Theater
04/28/2004 Theater
06/02/2004 Theater
06/30/2004 Theater
07/28/2004 Theater
08/25/2004 Theater
09/22/2004 Theater
10/27/2004 Theater
11/17/2004 Theater
12/22/2004 Theater
Our 2001-2 schedule was:
Dates Room
04/28/2001 Theater
05/30/2001 Activity Room
07/05/2001 Activity Room
08/01/2001 Activity Room
09/12/2001 Theater
10/03/2001 Theater
11/28/2001 Activity Room
12/26/2001 Cancelled
01/23/2002 Theater
02/27/2002 Theater
03/27/2002 Theater
04/24/2002 Theater
05/22/2002 Theater
06/19/2002 Theater
07/24/2002 Theater
08/21/2002 Theater
09/18/2002 Theater
10/16/2002 Theater
11/13/2002 Theater
12/18/2002 Cancelled

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Last Update: 6 September 2003.