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Frequently Asked Questions
How can I install the application I've just downloaded It?
Unzip the archive and run Setup.exe. An wizards will show you the following steps.

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How can I uninstall the program?
Click on the Start Menu => Settings => Control Panel => Add/Remove Programs. Select the application you want to uninstall from add/remove list and click on Add/Remove button.

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Everytime a unload the application, a new window appears. Why?
The window that appears after you closed the program is a trialware reminder. If you register your copy, the trialware reminder won't appears anylonger.

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How long can I try the program for free?
The applications are fully functional for 20 days.

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The application is not loading anylonger. Instead, a message box tells me hat the evaluation period is over. What should I do to continue using it?
If you want the application to run over 30 days, you'll have to register your copy.

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Which are the benefits of the registration?
- in the registered version, the registration screen when ending the program is disabled;

- a licensed version of this product includes the permanent right to use the product for an unlimited time;

- free upgrade for all the next versions of the application;

- technical support via e-mail and ICQ.

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