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Riven (Gehn's "fifth age") is the second installment in The Ages of Myst computer game series. Improved technology made it possible for Riven to be even more visually stunning than its predecessor, Myst . An incredible world of inter-connected islands, breath-taking vistas, and mind-boggling puzzles awaits the player.  
Game Description:
Riven continues the story of Myst. We are introduced to Atrus' (one of the main characters in Myst) father, Gehn, who is a little, well, crazy. He has kidnapped Catherine, Atrus' wife, and imprisoned her somewhere in Riven, a place made up of several islands in the middle of the ocean. Atrus has enlisted us to help him rescue Catherine and capture Gehn. We must solve numerous puzzles and delve deep into D'ni history to complete our quest.

(from The Ages of Myst fifth anniversary commemorative edition)

"Riven boasts some of the richest, most detailed animation ever to adorn a home computer screen.
The story will wind through every cell in your brain. You will lose yourself in Riven."
(Time Magazine)

"Riven is probably the most spectacular looking computer game ever made."
(U.S. News and World Report)

"Riven heralds the aesthetic convergence of multimedia, cinema, and literature.
It's a blockbuster and a page-turner rolled into one."


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