Ai no Sosei: Love Rebirth!


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The Characters

All about the stars of Love Rebirth!

Suimitsu Otenba

Name: Suimitsu Otenba (or, to be more accurate, Otenba Suimitsu)
Age: 14
Birthdate: February 14th
Bio: Suimitsu's a fairly normal girl, aside from being a bit of a tomboy and having her birthday on Valentine's Day. She's a freshman at Manabi High, where she's known for being an honor-roll student as well as an amazing piano player. Suimitsu's generally pretty laid-back and composed, but Ichigo (see below) tends to bring out her silly side.

Ichigo Kasutera

Name: Ichigo Kasutera (Kasutera Ichigo, more accurately)
Age: 14
Birthdate: June 21st
Bio: A sweet, playful redhead with a silly sense of humour, Ichigo's been Suimitsu's best friend since fifth grade and is not afraid to show her admiration for her 'Mitsu-chan with lots of life-threatening tackle-hugs. She's also very artistic and when she's not beside (or on top of) Suimitsu, she can usually be found painting happily away at her easel or reading manga.