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Star Wars
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This one is a relatively new obsession of mine.  I had seen all the movies a few times but it had never really struck any kind of interest with me...that is until a few friends of mine convinced me to read the X-Wing books.  Now, I'm hooked.  You can keep the lightsabres, Jedi mind tricks, and all that other Force stuff.  Give me a blaster, an X-Wing, and a pilot or four and I'm a happy girl! *grins* 

Who do you think looks the part?


By Diamond

And Life Goes On: (PG) Aliah Oliphante is a young woman who is a mechanic for The New Republic.  Several months after her fiancée is killed she still hasn't come to grips with her loss.  Can her friends in Rogue Squadron help her deal with her grief and move on? (Work In Progress)

A Day at the Office: (PG) Wes decides to have some fun and drags Hobbie in on his plans while they are touring a medical facility on a diplomatic mission to a planet called Terra. (Work In Progress)

By Analise

(G) Dia gets a special birthday surprise from Ili and Tycho.


Darkness by Analise