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Episode Reviews

What did you think of GRADUATION, the Roswell Series Finale?

Here is a review of the series finale of Roswell: Graduation.  Below is a description of the episode, comments about it, and a rating

Air date: 5/14/02

In the Crashdown Cafe, Liz senses that a woman is being attacked by a man, and is going to be killed.  She tells Max, and the two save her life.  This causes suspicion with agents and Max, Michael, and Liz are framed.  Their lives are in danger. They decide to leave Roswell once and for all....but, after they graduate, of course.  Max proposes to Liz, and she accepts.  When they leave, Isabel tells Jesse not to come with her.  She told him that she wants him to live a normal life, and to take the job offer he got in Boston.  Kyle and his father, Sheriff Valenti, depart.  At the end of the episode, Max and Liz elope.  Liz writes in a journal and sends it to her father, telling him what has happened.  She told him that after he reads it, to pass it on to other parents.  The last scene you see is a van with all of them in it, with a bumper sticker that says:  Thank You for Visiting Roswell

This episode didn't quite tie up all the loose ends.  The ending left you hanging as to what will happen.  I think that they rushed Max and Liz getting married.  I understand that it was the last episode, and they wanted those two together.  I'm not sure I agree with Isabel's decision to have Jesse go to Boston and leave her.  After all, they ARE married.  When are they planning to see each other again?  And what ever happened to Kyle having a crush on Isabel?  That only lasted one episode? Did he magically wake up one morning and think, "Wow, I don't like Isabel anymore!"?  And the issue if Michael and Maria are back together was left hanging.  He did tell her that he loved her.  But then, later, when Maria hugged him, he was kind of resistant.  I guess it's open to interpretation if they get back together.  Even if they do, they'll break up like two days after anyway.    

Grade (on a scale of 10): 8
--Review, Comments, and Rating done by REL:)
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Favorite Episode

The News Years' Roswell Episode: A Tale of Two Parties:
I thought it was touching in the episode when Jeff  Parker decides to give Max a second chance.  I liked how in the Crashdown Cafe, they celebrated New Year's together and did the counting down.  Max reveals his "wild side" when he admits he wants to go find inigma, a rave that he and Maria close down.  Michael decided to give Maria more space. Jesse is stuck in the airport, so Isabel spends her New Year's with Kyle, who begins to have a crush on her, though he keeps telling himself that she is married.   Isabel helps him find a college girl to date.

From the episode "A Tale of Two Parties":

Isabel: But you know the night's not over yet.
Kyle: It's not?
Isabel: It's over an hour until midnight.
Kyle: Okay, what did you want to do?
Isabel: How much do you love me?
[Kyle has a brief fantasy of Isabel kissing him.]
Kyle: Oh, oh, oh. Rudolph's Shiny New Year?
Isabel: Please?
Kyle: (laughs) Oh, the sacrifices I make for my friends
Isabel (kisses him on the cheek) Thank you. You're the best
Kyle: (to himself) Don't be a complete idiot.