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This site has been up for over a year and is still being updated, so keep checking for new stuff.
This month's poll is up. Yeah, finally! Scroll down this page to see the winner of the 'Best Roswell Season' poll.  Be sure to email me at: to make your vote count for the new poll: 'Who's the Best Match for Isabel'?
Congratulations to Nick Weschler for being the only Roswell cast member nominated for TCA 2002!
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Isabel/Jesse fanfic is needed! Send to:
JUST UPDATED: Pictures added to Liz's journal entries.  They can be found in the Crashdown Corner/Quizzes section.
Tess killed Alex, Tess is evil!!
M+L=4 ever
Welcome to REL's (with help from Rebecca) Roswell website! On this site we'll include everything about our favorite TV show, including episode reviews, cast biographies, links, fan fiction, and more. Enjoy!
The votes are in....
The winner of the 'The Best Roswell Season' is...
Second Place: Season Two
Season 1
Without any doubt was the best! Not a big fan of three except for the final few episodes!
I would defineately have to go with season 1.  It was so addicting.  I loved it!
P.S. Alien Human Luv, I Luv your site! Good work!
(thanks Stacey:))
1. Jesse Ramirez
2. Kyle Valenti
3. Alex Whitman
4. Michael Guerin
Send in your response to to make your vote count! The winner will be displayed by March 27. Sorry about the delay for the previous poll. I promise this next one will be posted on time.
Past Winners:
Favorite Roswell Character:
1st Place: Liz Parker
2nd Place: Max Evans
Favorite Alien:
1st Place: Michael Guerin
2nd Place: Tess Harding

     The TV show, Roswell, is based on the event that took place in 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico.  It is rumored that a space ship crashed there.  The government tried to cover up any suspision by saying it was a hot air balloon.   Roswell, the tv show, features three teenage aliens, Max Evans, Isabel Evans and Michael Guerin, who survived the 1947 space ship crash.  The aliens have human friends, Liz Parker (Max's wife), Maria DeLuca (Michael's girlfriend), Jesse Ramirez (Isabel's husband), and Kyle Valenti.  The Crashdown Cafe is the local resturaunt in Roswell, where Liz and Maria work.  (See Crashdown Cafe/Quizzes page for more info)  The show features the adventures the aliens and humans have together.  Roswell is no longer on the air.  For it's first two seasons, it appeared on the WB.  For it's third and final season, it was on UPN.  Reruns of it will be shown on the Sci-Fi Channel January, 2004. 

Space Background 2

Earth Spinning

Re-runs of Roswell (starting from the Toy House episode) will be aired on January 5, 2004 from 11:00am to 4:00pm on Sci-fi Channel. Reruns will also be aired on January 29 from 11:00am to 4:00pm on Sci-fi Channel. The Roswell First Season DVD will be released in stores on February 17, 2004. They can be pre-ordered on Amazon.
ATTENTION ALL ROSWELL FANS, THIS IS IMPORTANT:  Roswell fans, having already saved the show twice,  have  united together for a third campaign, the C.R.A.V.E. (Calling Roswellians Advertisement Variety Endeavor) Campaign.  The goal with C.R.A.V.E. is to spread the word of Roswell reruns and convince the Sci-Fi Channel to continue the Roswell story.  To accomplish this, Roswell fans want to place a full page color ad in the national edition of Daily Variety.  $250,000 so far have been raised, so the committee is optomistic about accomplishing the goal, but the support of every Roswell fan is needed. Publicization of the C.R.A.V.E. campaign is needed, so let people know about it! For more information, check out:  
Want to talk to other Roswell fans? Go to this message board and post and chat about your opinions.  Plus, if you want to chat about movies, television, music, click here.



Max and Liz


Isabel and Alex





Kyle and Tess


Sheriff and Amy