Messages from Heaven


Message received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from Our Lord Jesus Christ
January 3, 1997 at 10:00 P.M.

31st Public Apparition

Behold, My Sacred Heart is exposed for all of you to see! I want all of you to make reparations because this Heart is deeply wounded by the blasphemies and sacrileges done by men! As I have promised, I will be the one to give the 2nd part of the Formal Messages. I wish that you will follow all the instructions in this messages.

Formal Messages 2: Maitreya - the Anti-Christ is now living in this world. On 1998 he will be seen on T.V., be heard on radios and be read in newspapers. He will start his evil missions, he will mislead people and some will be marked with his mark. He will destroy the Pope, he will win but only for a moment!

Formal Messages 2: The Great Cold - It is now coming down from My Father's Hand. Prepare! Prepare all winter clothing's but there's a natural way to make yourselves warm, men and women don't cut your hair and let it grow. For those who will not grow hair anymore, 3 days before the coming of the Great Cold your hair will grow in just one second. We are giving you the chance to survive in the coming of the Great Cold.

Formal Messages 2: The 3rd World War - It will start from a small nation. Many will die, many will suffer. Hunger... devastation's... death!

The Warning - Little ones, starting January 5, start looking at your Crucifix, start doing this devotion every 3 PM. You will have a special grace when the Warning has come! Look at My face on the Cross.

Formal Messages 2: The Miracle - It will happen after the Warning. It will be seen on every tree on every true apparition sites. It will be very visible but you'll not be able to touch it.

Formal Messages 2: The Great Chastisement - Cannot be averted anymore. The Great Chastisement and the 3 Days of Darkness is only one! You already know the things to prepare and the things to do.

Formal Messages 2: Disasters, Calamities etc.

1. 24 hrs. Earthquake
2. Floods
3. The Sun will spin with a Great Explosion
4. The Moon will turn to blood
5. Stars, comets, asteroids will fall
6. Tidal waves
7. Storms
8. Other planets will explode 9.

All these are due to God's anger! Justice! Justice! Justice!

Formal Messages 2: True and false visionaries - Don't be mislead little lambs. Many false seers and visionaries will be seen and heard, their false messages will be accepted and known. Because of this, Heaven will stop giving Public and Private messages to the true and authentic ones.

Here in the Philippines, we have only 4 true visionaries:

1. Lipa, Batangas 1948 - Teresita Castillo
2. Agoo, La Union 1970 - Ronnie Bautista
3. Agoo, La Union 1989 - Judiel Nieva
4. Cubao, Quezon City 1994 - To Our Songbird (Allan)
We have only 4 true visionaries.

The formal messages is not yet finished, My holy Mother will give the last part on the 1st Saturday of February. Tomorrow My Mother will give the details on how to become part of the coming Reign of Peace. It will be for those who will really enter and for those who will survive the coming events.

Little lambs, I love you all! Come back again tomorrow with heart full of love, joy and repentance. Be converted and pray for the Holy Father, for all priests.

I love you all!

Jesus Christ

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Have, mercy on us
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us


Message received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from the Blessed Virgin Mary
January 4, 1997 at 11:00 P.M.

34th Public Apparition

My dear little ones, pray!

I ask all of you again to pray the Rosary with more faith, devotion and penance, penance, penance, penance! Continue preparing yourselves and your whole family for the coming of the Great Cold, for the coming of the Great War, for the coming of the Warning, Miracle and the Great Chastisement. Are you prepared for the coming of all these?

Pray, Pray, Pray. Don't offend the Lord God anymore because He is very much offended! Make sacrifices and reparation. Don't offend the Lord anymore! The coming Tribulations and events is coming from the Lord Himself! This year and next year is a very terrible year, because this year and the next year is the "Years of the Beast." Consecrate ourselves to Me everyday and I will mark you with the Sign of the Cross. If Satan has a mark: 666, Heaven has a mark too and that is the Sign of the CROSS +. ALL OF YOU WILL PASS AND EXPERIENCE the reign of the Beast! (Writer's note: This is addressed to all those in the Apparition Site.) Whatever you are rich or poor, slave or free all of you will experience the do or die situation!

Remember that the Anti-Christ is now living and the Day of Declaration is coming! (Writer's note: Day of Declaration is Maitreya's version of the Warning) Maitreya is the Anti-Christ, he will work many miracles that all the people will be deceived except those who are consecrated to My Immaculate Heart. I love you all little ones! I want all of you to be saved and enter the Reign of Peace, but some of you here will be martyred, some will die because of fright. Prepare for the coming of the Tribulations! My message tonight is more on the REIGN OF PEACE.

REIGN OF PEACE: How to enter and how to become member of the Reign of Peace:

1. Ask Jesus to give you the courage that you may pass the coming of the Tribulations. Ask Him to give you the grace that you may survive all.
2. Consecrate yourselves to My Heart three times a day.
3. Do the 7 keys to Heaven.

One of the requirements for the Reign of Peace is that both men and women should have a long hair. You will all go back in the time of Nazareth. If... if you will survive the coming events. I love you all!

The Pope - Pray for him because he will leave Vatican soon and when he leaves Vatican, the Tribulations and persecution will start. Pray! Pray! Pray! All of you are very special to me. I love you all! For those who love Me please pray the Rosary, if you love Me you must love the beads of the Rosary. Love My Son Jesus! Jesus is the Son of the Most High! Our Emmanuel. I will mark you again with the Sign of the Cross. (Writer's Note: Here the Blessed Virgin Mary goes through all the Apparition Site marking all people present with the Sign of the Cross. Some kneel and others remain as they are due to cramped conditions. The scent of Roses is everywhere.) You have now the Mark of My son, the Cross, the instrument of the Redemption.

Please take care of the Marks I have given you because you may still lose it. I love you all!

I love you all! Go now in the Peace of God!

Virgo Maria


Messages received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from the Blessed Virgin Mary
February 1, 1997 at 11:00 P.M.

My sweet children of God, continue to pray!

I ask all of you to pray more and pray the Rosary for more conversion, pray it with more love, devotion and penance. I ask all of you for your continuous preparation because the Tribulations are coming and it is only months and moments away! Are you prepared for the coming of all these? I ask all of you to return to God and don't offend Him anymore! Stop offending the Lord God! Listen to the voice of your Heavenly Mother, Hear and follow My messages for your time is running so is getting shorter and shorter...

Tonight I will give the last part of the Formal Messages.

Formal Message: The last part after the Great Chastisement, a new light will be born, a beginning of hope, joy, prayer, praises to God! Everything will be new, your new home will be like the Garden of Eden, the Paradise. Some houses will be destroyed during the Chastisement. St. Joseph and the angels shall help in rebuilding your houses. My good Mother, St. Anne will provide extra clothes for some of you. Everything will be good as new! No more sin, no more tears, no more hunger, no more sickness. All will worship and praise the Lord God! But before the Reign of Peace, all of you will pass the Chastisement. It is now the time to say yes to God and no to Satan, what is your answer?

Continue to pray for My beloved sons, the priests, the priests are very precious to Me, but some of them are falling one by one to the claws of Satan! Pray for them, I urge all of you to pray for all priests. I ask all of you again to hear my messages. I love you all! I will be always at your side, I will always be with you. On the first Friday, Jesus will give a very special message.

I'm the Lady of the Rosary and I ask both sinners and the just to amend your lives and go back to God. Continue to wear the Brown Scapular and the Medal of Good Salvation. Every time you kiss the Medal with great love and devotion, I Myself together with the good Saints in Heaven will bless you and embrace you. Continue to spread all My messages to all the parts of the earth, let them know that their Heavenly Mother loves them so much! Go now in God's Peace! Praised be Jesus... Now and Forever!

Virgo Maria

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Have, mercy on us
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us


Message received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from Our Lord Jesus Christ
February 7, 1997 at 11:00 P.M.

32nd Public Apparition

Sweet children,

I'm here again to give you some messages, messages that must be followed, be known by others. I ask for your continuous prayer, pray the Rosary with more trust, devotion and penance. Pray for more conversion, pray, pray, pray. Listen to Our messages, because you have only a very little time left. Prepare, prepare, prepare. The coming of the Great Tribulations is only moments away, prepare yourselves spiritually and materially. ALWAYS BE IN THE STATE OF GRACE. Don't be scared of what is to come but be thankful because we are giving this messages so that all of you may be informed and so that you can prepare. Consecrate yourselves to My Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of My Mother Mary everyday.

About the Preparations, you already know the things to prepare, we have given you all the things you must know. What else do you need? Ask the angels and saints to help you, to pray for you and to protect you from all the snares of the enemy. As I have said on My past messages, Maitreya the Anti-Christ is now living in this World. Many will follow him and will acknowledge him as their Lord and Master. Not all of you here tonight will enter the Reign of Peace, some of you will be killed and martyred during the persecution, some of you will die of fright during the Chastisement, some of you will die during the Great Cold, during the Great War and during the Warning.

Let these messages be known by all, because the wrath of My Father is coming. Yes Little one, God is very merciful but this time He wants JUSTICE! Look at My face, full of sorrow and anguish just like the face of My beloved Mother. This sinful world must be cleansed, the signs are now appearing and before the year 2000 everything is clean and new again. Console Her, CONSOLE THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, console My Mother by your devout recitation of the rosary. Attend the Holy Mass every Sunday but if possible everyday and try to visit me in the Blessed Sacrament, there I will give My love to all of you, console you and guide you.

Let the Immaculate Heart of Mary reign with My Sacred Heart. Always be alert little ones. I love you all! Pray more, pray more. Pray for all priests, I love them so much. To the priest, you must act now, you must be alert also, help the people so that they may protect the Faith that I have given. Act now, act now, open now your eyes, your ears, your heart and soul the truth, to the messages given by My Mother and also by Me. Act now, you have a very little time!

Our next apparition will be on the first Friday and first Saturday of May. We will have new more urgent messages on May and I want that 2 months of no Public Apparitions to be months of preparation. Our very LAST APPARITION WILL BE ON MARCH 25, 1998, the Anniversary of the first Public Apparition. Do not be saddened. I love you all. When Our last apparition is over, be alert because it is already the beginning... Just continue to trust and pray! Go now in Peace and always remember that I love you so much!

Jesus Christ

Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Have, mercy on us
Immaculate Heart of Mary, Pray for us


Message received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from Our Lord Jesus Christ
May 2, 1997 at 11:00 P.M.

33rd Public Apparition

Sweet Children, Pray! Pray and Prepare.......

Continue praying, continue preparing yourselves spiritually and physically. I ask all of you for your constant prayer and preparation. We have given you the months of March and April as the months of reflection and preparation, but we have noticed that you have just accomplished little. Come and pray and prepare! The appointed time is coming so very fast, the signs are now here, what else do you need? We have given to you all the things you must know. Help yourselves also. The choice is in your hands, you can choose freely, yes to God or no to Satan or yes to Satan or no to God. You can choose freely.

The signs are now here, open now your eyes and ears and try to listen, do not deny the reality of our messages. Do not doubt because all the events that we have related through out chosen ones will come to pass.

Prepare yourselves for the coming events one of these days:

1. A terrible earthquake will come and will shake the whole world, the roads will open and under it fire will come out.

2. A Great Lightning will come during the end of this year, this Lightning will pierce the heart of a sinner. This Great Lightning is the hand of God! Yes the Hand of My Own Father. God My Father is so merciful, but He is also a just God. Justice must take place!

All of you are very lucky because you have my Mother Mary for your lawyer before the throne of God. If she's not here, I don't know what will happen to all of you. Be thankful to her, love her because she is your lawyer in Heaven. The time will come when my Mother will not use her powers anymore as the Queen of Heaven and Earth and that time is coming near!

Prepare little ones, prepare. I'm here to let all of you know that we will have more private apparitions than public apparitions. Pray I ask all of you. Pray for the priests, do not judge them just pray for them. You have NO right to judge them you are also poor sinners, remember poor sinners.

I missed all of you so much! I love you all! When I said I love you, I mean it. It comes deep from My Heart. Learn to love, loving without expecting anything in return. Learn to give, learn to love.

this world is full of anger and hatred, sinners here, sinners there, sinners everywhere, that is the purpose of the Great Chastisement, to clean and purify the world and to wipe out the sinners.

This message of mine will not be so long, I just want to urge all of you to pray and prepare.

PRAYER and PREPARATION is our general theme on our messages.

Pray and Prepare, Prepare and Pray.

Jesus Christ


Message Received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from the Blessed Virgin Mary
May 3, 1997 at 11:00 P.M.

36th Public Apparition

My children, Pray!

I ask all of you to pray, pray and pray. Pray the rosary with more trust and devotion. Penance, penance, penance. I ask all of you for your continuos preparation, prepare spiritually and physically. Children the appointed time is coming and I ask all of you to prepare for its coming. I invite all of you to heed my call for "Prayer and Preparation."

Little ones, your time is now short and fast and you have no time to waste. Yes, little children, all my messages shall be fulfilled, all will take place. The Great Chastisement is only months away, be prepared spiritually also physically. The battle between Good and Evil will take place soon! Very soon! Pray, pray and pray.

The comet can now be seen in the sky, and if the Lord will sit, it will fall and will strike a part of the earth, causing destruction and then the Great Cold! Children, please pray! Arm yourselves with my Rosary, with my Scapular and with My Medal. Follow all my instructions on my past messages. Satan is so strong, he's causing troubles all over the World and inside the Church. Pray for the Pope, because he is leaving Vatican soon! Pray, pray and pray!

These coming days many events will happen, many extraordinary signs will appear but science will try to explain it but they cannot. Many people will be mislead by Maitreya, the Anti-Christ, even the Jews they will bow down to him and acknowledge him as the messiah that they are waiting for. FEUD between countries will take place. The enemy is everywhere, causing ruin of souls and dragging them to Hell. The time is short, very short, that's why I'm asking all of you to pray and be prepared.

You are now living in the END TIMES and even if you like it or not, the Great Chastisement will come, many will die and only a few will be left and that few will be purified again. I love all of you My children, that's why I'm here, to prepare all of you. I love you all. Please come back to God! Please, I beg all of you, please.... I'm in sorrow, in tears, because mankind's response to My call is very slow... Many chose to offend God, but why? The Father loves you so much, very much! Look at my tears, falling one by one from my eyes, they are the sign of my great sorrow and anguish... Do not let Satan rule in your hearts, just say "I'm sorry Lord" and He will accept you again with open arms. This world must be cleansed! The Great Wrath of God will fall upon mankind soon! In God's on time.

This message of mine will not be so long, I just want to embrace and kiss all of you! [This grace granted to those at the apparition site] I love you all! Our next Public Apparitions will be on the First Friday and First Saturday of June, 11:00 P.M. Pray and prepare! Prepare and pray!

Virgo Maria


Message received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from Our Lord Jesus Christ
June 6, 1997 at 11:00 P.M.

34th Public Apparition

My little ones, Pray!

Today is the Feast of My Sacred Heart. Come and immerse yourselves, your Souls and your whole being to this Heart. This Heart is burning for Love to all Men, surrounded by thorns because of the Sins of men, but this Heart is Forgiving. This Heart is Merciful. I love you so much that's why I am here. I am here to prepare all of you for the coming wrath and anger of My Father. Listen now! I'm here to urge all of you to prepare and pray. Prepare because you don't know the exact time, date, month, or year. Remember that the time of God is different from men. God has his own time.

The Time is coming so near, so Fast! I'm urging all of you to be prepared spiritually and physically. I'm very sad because many people are deceived by Maitreya. They are deceived because they heard that Maitreya has a good plan for the World, but they don't know His real purpose, to drag all mankind to Hell!

Little ones, I ask all of you to visit Me in the Blessed Sacrament. I'm lonely, I want to talk to all of you, please be there even just for one hour. Receive Holy Communion by Mouth not by Hands, please don't treat Me that way. I love you all But I'm lonely. The Punishment from God is now coming down, don't be afraid. Pray and Prepare.

Children, My loved ones, act now. Do not doubt anymore, open now your Eyes, open now your Ears and listen to all our Messages. Pray, pray, and pray. Constant prayer and double time preparation is your duty. Make it fast, fast, and fast.

The Time of Great Chastisement is coming nearer and nearer. All our Messages to our chosen ones will be fulfilled soon... very soon. I have nothing to say:


Tomorrow is the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and She will visit you. Come and hear Her Messages. Pray and Prepare!

Jesus Christ


Message received by Allan Gentle E. Rudio from the Blessed Virgin Mary
June 7, 1997 at 11:00 P.M.

37th Public Apparition

My children, pray!

Today is the Feast of My Immaculate Heart, come and place yourselves in the Fire of Love of My Heart. I ask all of you to consecrate yourselves to My Heart. Put all your trust in My Heart together with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Pray, pray and pray! Prepare, prepare spiritually and physically. I ASK all of you to PREPARE.

Do not compare God's time to your time. God has His own time and decision. Pray and prepare. Do not hurry. If I tell you that the Great Tribulations is coming, are you sure that all of you are now prepared? Are you sure? If you are prepared why do you fear? So it means that all of you are not yet prepared. Maybe physically you can say yes, but are you prepared spiritually? How about your souls, are they now prepared?

I ask you to pray and prepare but you must also think and remember that God's time is different from yours. Pray the Holy Rosary, pray more. Consecrate yourselves everyday to Our Hearts. Be Strong in your faith and give all your trust to Jesus and Me. The coming of the Great Chastisement is so near! Listen and heed all My Messages before everything is too late! Open now your eyes to the reality of My Messages. This Apparition will end soon, my very last Apparition will be on March 25, 1998. I will really miss all of you because this will be My very last Apparition here in the Philippines.

Continue praying and preparing, that's all I ask of you. Little ones, My children, I love all of you so much and all I want is your salvation. I don't want to see one of you being tortured in Hell. I want all of you to be saved. Listen carefully and act now! The cup of God's anger is now overflowing. Penance! Please Pray! Many Souls are in Hell because they don't pray. We will have no Public Apparitions this coming July and August, Our next Apparition will be on:

That's all I want to say. Prepare and RESPECT THE TIME OF GOD.

Virgo Maria

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