Our Lady's Prayers

Our Lady of the Seven Keys

Holy Rosary preparatory prayers
Add at the end of every decade
Prayer when making blessed grapes
The Holy Rosary proper
The Apostle's Creed
The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary
The Joyful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries
(After praying the Rosary add this prayer)
The Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Thanksgiving Prayer
Chaplet of the Divine Mercy
Profession of Faith to Mary
Prayer for the Philippines
Prayer for Pleading
Closing Prayer
Salve Regina
Prayer to enter the Era of Peace

Chaplet of the Immaculate Queen of the Most Holy Rosary and Of Good Salvation
Prayer for Incense
Chaplet of the Two Hearts
The Angelus
Prayer before the Eucharist
Prayer for Hope
Chaplet of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Chaplet of the Wounds
Chaplet of the Holy Infant Jesus
Chaplet of the Holy Family
Rosary of St. Joseph
Prayer of the Angels
Chaplet of the Black Nazarene
Chaplet to the Sacred Heart
Rosary of Protection for Our Times

The Medal of Good Salvation
Prayer to St. Michael
Prayer to St. Francis of Assisi
Prayer to St. Agnes
Prayer to St. Cecilia
Prayer to St. Bernadette
Prayer to St. Theresa
Novena of The Immaculate Queen of The Most Holy Rosary and of Good Salvation
Prayer before drinking or getting water from the heavenly spring

Let nothing disturb your peace.
Do everything only out of Love.

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