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Ben Franklin and PrecursorsAlexander HamiltonJohn Quincy Adams
Henry Clay Abraham LincolnHenry Carey
Frederick DouglassThaddeus StevensOthers
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National Economy -- The American System -- Franklin, Hamilton, Clay, Lincoln, the Careys, Douglass, Stevens, and others

Ben Franklin and Precursors

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Alexander Hamilton

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John Quincy Adams

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Henry Carey

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Henry Clay

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Abraham Lincoln

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Frederick Douglass

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  • How The Founding Fathers Fought For An End To Slavery, by Denise and Frederic Henderson, The American Almanac, March 15, 1993.

  • General O. O. Howard's Fight for Education of the Freedmen, by Denise Henderson, The American Almanac, February 15, 1993.
    • Leave This Website For Link To: "The Freedmen's Bureau", by W. E. B. Dubois. Published in The Atlantic Monthly, NY, 1901, Vol. 87. E-text link at the University of Virginia Electronic Text Center.

    Thaddeus Stevens

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  • Thaddeus Stevens: "Free Trade" Is For Barbarian Tribes -- A Speech Given During Tariff Debates in 1852, Executive Intelligence Review, January 3, 1992.

  • Thaddeus Stevens -- Forgotton Hero of the American System -- Home Page


  • President Garfield and the Pythagorean Theorem, a book review by Suzanne Klebe, The Executive Intelligence Review, February, 1995.

  • The Mission of America's Military Nation Builders: Global Development, by Graham and Pam Lowry. Published in The American Almanac, 1996.

  • A Project To Develop American Infrastructure, from the Revolution to the Civil War, compiled by Pamela Lowry, Executive Intelligence Review, January 3, 1992.

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