The British Oligarchy Moves To Oust President Clinton

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Printed in The Executive Intelligence Review, February 6, 1998.

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The British monarchy, in league with elements of a vast Anglophile apparatus inside the United States, is running a high-risk, high-stakes assault against President Bill Clinton and, more broadly, the institution of the U.S. Presidency, in the midst of the gravest financial and monetary crisis of the twentieth century. The so-called Monica Lewinsky sex scandal is but the latest and most vile episode in a British-led ``Get Clinton'' campaign that was set in motion even before the President was sworn into office in January 1993--long before the American public ever heard of Whitewater or Paula Jones.

The fact that the latest chapter of the frame-up campaign occurred on the eve of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's meeting with President Clinton, and as the Clinton administration was battling City of London, continental European, and Wall Street bankers over how to deal with a systemic world financial meltdown, currently centered in Asia, suggests the real motives behind the latest ``bimbo eruption'' against the President.

It has been standard British monarchy fare, for example the ``Profumo Affair'' in 1962-63, to accomplish strategic political objectives via seemingly ``apolitical'' sex scandals. In that instance, the British establishment used a sex scandal, with KGB complications, involving British Defense Minister John Profumo, to bring down the Harold Macmillan government and usher into power a thoroughly ``New Age'' Labourite, Harold Wilson. The Wilson government immediately proceeded to launch a strategic assault upon the Bretton Woods System, which led, in 1971, to President Nixon's disastrous withdrawal of the dollar from the gold-pegged, fixed-exchange-rate system. Those British-orchestrated events, during 1968-71, set the world on the course of financial and economic disaster, which is now in its end-game phase.

In the present instance, the Hollinger Corp., the media cartel that grew out of World War II British intelligence operations aimed at the United States, dispatched, in 1993, under journalist cover, a self-admitted MI6 stringer, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, to stir up a seemingly endless string of sex and murder scandals, all aimed against the President. Evans-Pritchard has bragged, in the pages of the Telegraph newspapers, that he personally induced Paula Jones to launch her legal suit against President Clinton. The suit has been bankrolled, from day one, through various right-wing and Christian fundamentalist fronts, all financed by Richard Mellon Scaife, the scion of the rabidly Anglophile Mellon family.

Rupert Murdoch, another ``crown jewel'' of the House of Windsor, has thrown his own media empire, including the London Times, the New York Post, and the U.S. network Fox TV, into the ``Get Clinton'' propaganda frenzy. The editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, the Moonie Washington Times, and the Hollinger-led American Spectator, have all been part of what the White House appropriately dubbed ``the media food chain.'' In turn, these ostensibly mainstream media outlets have worked in tandem with a large number of even more unsavory newsletters--such as convicted fraudster Nick Guarino's Wall Street Underground, Lord William Rees-Mogg's Strategic Investment newsletter, and British plagiarist Dr. John Coleman's World In Review--to spread the poison among gullible Main Street populists, through a never-ending stream of junk-mail promotionals.

Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr, formerly President George Bush's Solicitor General, is another creature of the Mellon Scaife apparatus. Before he was appointed to the Whitewater grand inquisitor post, the wildly Anglophilic Starr (he has photographs of Margaret Thatcher in all his offices, according to the London Guardian) was involved in pro bono legal work on the Paula Jones suit against the President. Starr has already been provided with a lucrative post-Whitewater job at Pepperdine University in California, a school heavily endowed by Mellon Scaife.

Even at the lowest gutter level, the assault on the President involves people with long-standing Anglophile intelligence pedigrees--and worse. Linda Tripp, the Bush administration mole who was the central player in two attempted ``sex scandal'' attacks against President Clinton, has a background that includes participation in several classified military intelligence units, including the elite counter-terror Delta Force. From the moment the Clinton administration came to Washington, Tripp surrounded herself with hard-core enemies of President Clinton, such as retired FBI agent Gary Aldrich, who wrote a book-length fabrication about his two-year stint at the Clinton White House. Tripp had also established what she described to her lawyer as a ``comfort zone'' with Starr's staff--through her prior testimony before a Starr grand jury probing the death of White House aide Vincent Foster.

Tripp's most visible handler, from no later than 1993, New York ``literary agent'' Lucianne Goldberg, was a veteran of the 1972 Nixon dirty tricks apparatus, with long-standing ties to the Meyer Lansky national crime syndicate and the late Roy Cohn, the New York City mob lawyer and one-time chief of staff to Sen. Joe McCarthy. The foul-mouthed Goldberg, by all public accounts, solicited Tripp to begin illegally taping her telephone conversations with Monica Lewinsky, and later was instrumental in steering Tripp into the waiting ``comfort zone'' of Kenneth Starr.

LaRouche declares war

Lyndon LaRouche, in a radio interview with ``EIR Talks'' on Jan. 28, addressed the assault on the Presidency (see Documentation). He, in effect, issued a declaration of war against the entire apparatus now deployed to destroy the Clinton Presidency. As LaRouche emphasized, the attack on President Clinton ``is intended, by those who do it, to destabilize the ability of the government of the United States to play a key, effective role in making policy with respect to both the Middle East crisis, secondarily, but primarily, the international financial crisis.''

Few people are in a better position than LaRouche, to clearly grasp the character of the ``Get Clinton'' mob. During 1982-89, LaRouche was the target of a prosecution that former Attorney General Ramsey Clark described as having employed ``a broader range of deliberate cunning and systematic misconduct, over a longer period of time, utilizing the power of the Federal government, than any other prosecution by the U.S. government, in my time or to my knowledge.'' Indeed, some of the very players now center stage in the assault upon the President, were deeply involved in the 1980s ``Get LaRouche'' task force, including, most notably, Richard Mellon Scaife and the Wall Street Journal.

LaRouche's announced all-out defense of the institution of the Presidency against this latest made-in-London assault, came at a moment when there were already growing indications that, this time, the British monarchy and its assets and dupes in the United States may have severely underestimated the willingness of President Clinton to fight back, as well as the support that such a counterattack could mobilize among an American citizenry grown suspect of the relentless flood of Clintongate scandals and sensational headlines.

Indeed, in the week leading up to the Monica Lewinsky ``eruption,'' there was a flurry of highly publicized activity on a number of ``Get Clinton'' fronts: First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was depositioned by Kenneth Starr's office. The Justice Department Criminal Division announced that it was opening a probe into allegations of kickbacks by Labor Secretary and former White House aide Alexis Herman. A key witness in the special prosecutor's case against former Housing Secretary Henry Cisneros agreed to cooperate with the special counsel as part of a plea agreement. The judge in the independent counsel probe of former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy imposed harsh new penalties against Tyson Foods. And, Espy's brother was convicted in a case stemming from the Donald Smaltz ``independent'' probe.

Clinton counterattacks

With these developments rapidly unfolding, President Clinton had to either capitulate, or fight back. He chose to fight--with strong support from the First Lady.

On Jan. 26, one day before his annual State of the Union address, President Clinton appeared at a White House press conference, along with the First Lady and Vice President Albert Gore, and delivered a brief but unequivocal denial that he had had an affair with Lewinsky, or had told her to lie to attorneys for Paula Jones.

The following morning, on Jan. 27, the First Lady appeared on the NBC-TV ``Today'' show. She backed up President Clinton's statement of the previous day, and launched into a no-holds-barred attack against special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, televangelist Jerry Falwell, and others, whom she characterized as part of a ``vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for President.''

Clinton loyalists, including James Carville and Mandy Gruenwald, joined the fray, making widely publicized television attacks on Starr, Falwell, Mellon Scaife, et al.--which even the Washington Post and the New York Times prominently featured, along with their own belated (and limited) ``exposés'' of the President's enemies.

Also, Monica Lewinsky's attorney, William Ginsburg, was unambiguous about the brutality of the treatment his client received at the hands of the FBI. Describing Lewinsky's 10-hour ordeal with FBI agents and prosecutors from Starr's office in a Pentagon City, Virginia hotel room on Jan. 16, Ginsburg told ABC's ``Good Morning America'' that Lewinsky ``was devastated, concerned, upset, and fearful, [and] does not know what the future holds. Repeatedly during the course of discussions with the office of the prosecutor, we have been squeezed. Now she finds herself caught between the President of the United States, Vernon Jordan, and Kenneth Starr, probably three of the most powerful people in the world.'' Ginsburg said that Starr's behavior ``should frighten anyone.''

In response to the bad publicity, Washington sources have told EIR that Starr has launched a new disinformation campaign, aimed at regaining the momentum, in what now promises to be a protracted battle over the fate of the U.S. Presidency. In one embarrassing setback for Starr, the Dallas Morning News posted a story on its internet web site, claiming that Starr was interviewing Secret Service agents who had seen the President with Lewinsky in compromising circumstances. The story was scheduled to be the banner headline lead of the next day's edition. But overnight, the story was yanked, when the paper learned that it was a fabrication.

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