Britain's "Invisible" Empire Unleashes The Dogs of War

Jeffery Steinberg

Printed in The Executive Intelligence Review, August 22, 1997.

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Over the past three years, EIR has produced two blockbuster studies of the dominant evil power on this planet,
[1] the British Commonwealth/Empire, and many supporting elements of documentation. We have exposed the major battlelines in the global strategic battle before us all, between the British Imperial System, and the system of sovereign nation-states, of which the United States is the leading example. In this issue of EIR, we unravel a new set of secrets of the Empire, exposing the way in which the British Crown is using private networks--in the military, the church, and business--to carry out its objective of destroying the nation-state, and thus, to maintain its power into what it hopes will be a New Dark Age.

To get the picture, you have to start from the top down. At the top, you find the British monarchy and Privy Council, positioned as the primus inter pares of the 3-5,000 families that comprise the inner core of the Club of the Isles. While the Queen herself, contrary to myth, exercises her royal prerogative over the nations of the Commonwealth, and a network of companies, the broader grouping of families runs a set of cartels which functions as a modern-day British East India Company.

For much of the 250 years following its chartering in 1600, the East India Company served as the leading instrument of the British imperium, governing India as ``private'' territory, employing its own private mercenary armies, and presiding over the Opium War policy against China. The ``Company'' was administered by a board of stockholders, who reported to a three-man ``secret committee,'' who, in turn, represented the combined interests of the British Crown and the leading City of London financial interests. When circumstances required, ``Company'' figures, typified by the late-eighteenth-century Earl of Shelburne, would even take up posts in the British government, to ensure that the interests of the British oligarchy were always served, with hands-on precision. Shelburne held positions, first, as Colonial Secretary, and then, as prime minister, during the negotiation of the Treaty of Paris, which formally ended the American War of Independence. The presence, today, of Sir David Simon, chairman of British Petroleum and governor of the Bank of England, in the Tony Blair cabinet, is a contemporary example of the same phenomenon.

There is no aspect of society, internationally, which the British Empire does not seek to influence, and control. The British oligarchy has intentionally sought to create an invisible empire, which will evade an effective counterattack by its victims. In many cases, the operatives of the Queen's invisible empire don't even know on whose behalf they are acting--until it is much too late.

This major study by EIR will lift the veil on a number of critical tentacles of the British Empire that have previously remained hidden. We begin with the military arms, now mostly disguised as ``private security firms.'' From there, we demonstrate the role of these firms with the major cartels, using the Africa example, and then the surprising case study of Papua New Guinea. We then move to the United States, where we uncover the shocking story of British Intelligence's role in infiltrating and subverting the military, and even the churches! The concluding section provides an exhaustive analysis of how the Empire is moving to turn Ibero-America, and particularly Brazil, into the new Africa, in a recolonization effort that represents a direct security threat to the United States itself.

Unpeeling the onion

This phase of EIR's investigation was set into motion by a report we received of a June 24 seminar sponsored by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), on ``The Privatization of National Security Functions in Sub-Saharan Africa.'' According to a five-page unclassified summary of the event made available to EIR, there were a total of 74 participants, representing the Pentagon, several major U.S. corporations and Department of Defense sub-contractors, embassy officials from four African countries (including Uganda), a dozen academics, representatives of a number of non-governmental organizations and United Nations agencies, and officials from two prominent British Commonwealth ``private'' security firms, Executive Outcomes, and Sandline International.

While conference participants debated the virtues and dangers of using private, paid mercenary ``corporations'' to carry out functions formerly performed by government military units and law enforcement agencies, they blithely ignored the strategic reality: The whole project was part of the British imperial project to redraw the map, and recolonize Africa, in order to facilitate the looting of raw materials, and establishing undisputed choke-point control over the entire natural resources wealth of the planet.

Since 1993, Central Africa has been targetted by the City of London-based Club of the Isles for end-game genocide, using colonial ``gang versus countergang'' tactics perfected during the post-World War II recolonization period by such senior British irregular warfare specialists as Brig. Gen. Frank Kitson. Kitson's counterinsurgency textbook, Gangs and Countergangs, recounted his successful efforts in the 1950s in Kenya to create a synthetic, murderous ``countergang,'' the Mau Mau, which wiped out the legitimate nationalists struggling for independence from British colonial rule. Today's African ``Mau Mau'' countergang leaders are Ugandan Hitler-loving marcher lord Yoweri Museveni, his Rwanda-based right-hand man, Paul Kagame, and their Congo stooge, Laurent Desiré Kabila. This murderous trio, as EIR has reported since 1994, are out to destroy all of the nation-states of the Great Lakes region and the Horn of Africa, purportedly to create a ``Greater Tutsi Empire.''

But behind these pawns stand the British Commonwealth cartels, controlled by 3-5,000 ``Families'' that comprise the inner core of the Club of the Isles. This is the modern-day British East India Company, chartered by the British Crown to rule a global empire, based not on British jackboots, but on sophisticated former SAS irregular warfare operatives, now wearing the corporate colors of Defence Systems Ltd., Executive Outcomes, Sandline International, KAS, KMS, and so on, and serving the needs of corporate giants such as Anglo American-De Beers, Lonrho, Rio Tinto, British Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corp., and Barrick Gold--to name just a few of the leading British, South African, Australian, and Canadian elements of the interlocking cartel structure.

EIR researchers in the United States, Ibero-America, western Europe, and Australia have now uncovered the evidence, presented for the first time here, to show that the so-called ``private'' security firms being employed as the mercenary and counterinsurgency arms of the Club of the Isles' global raw materials grab, are no more private, than the East India Company itself was private, at the height of the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British imperium. Through two, little-known Crown-chartered agencies, Crown Agents and the Corps of Commissionaires, EIR has discovered, the entire private security apparatus of former British SAS operatives, South African ``scouts,'' British military and police ``regulars,'' and so on, is centrally deployed by high-ranking officials of the British Royal Household and the Privy Council. These British mercenary operations, from Defence Systems Ltd. to Executive Outcomes, are not only not rogue operations, in competition with one another. They are an integral, highly centralized component of the British ``invisible'' empire--Her Majesty's and the Club of the Isles' contract killers.

Ibero-America is next

With Africa in the throes of depopulation and raw materials cartelization, the British Crown apparatus has already sank its fangs into the next big, untapped repository of natural wealth: Ibero-America. As you will read here, South and Central America have been invaded by the same Club of the Isles financial houses, raw materials cartels, and private ``security'' fronts that are well along to ``de-Africanizing'' (i.e., depopulating) sub-Saharan Africa. In short, the British are out to ``Africanize'' Ibero-America.

The British cartels have already moved into Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, and Peru. They have targetted Brazil for takeover, employing the same arsenal of weapons and the same recipe they have already displayed in Africa: Mau Mau-style synthetic countergangs and terrorist bands, such as the Brazilian ``Landless Movement,'' linked to wealthy narcotics cartels, create havoc. British- and Commonwealth-centered ``private'' cartels then move in with their own security forces--in the case of British Petroleum's vast operations in Colombia, Defence Systems Ltd.--with the willing cooperation of local British compradors, such as Colombian narco-President Ernesto Samper Pizano. Samper is a 20-year veteran of Britain's opium war against the Americas.

If Brazil goes, the entire southern half of the Western Hemisphere will be in the hands of the new British East India Company, within a short period of time.

Strategic deception

If the ``Red Coat'' invasion of the Western Hemisphere described here appears far-fetched, don't be shocked. This effort has been carefully concealed, and is not easily recognized, especially by the targetted victims, including leading circles inside the United States who are among the ultimate targets of this British onslaught.

In fact, the structure of the ``new British imperium'' cannot be seen from below. It is hidden behind a string of myths, beginning with the myth that the British Empire is a relic of the past, and the British monarchy is little more than a prop to lure tourists. The corollary myths that follow from this are: that the United States is the last ``imperial power'' on the planet; that the world has moved into an era of unbridled free trade, open markets, and ``democracy''; and that, with the end of the Cold War, the nation-state system has become an unnecessary piece of excess baggage, a dinosaur that carries with it the last and only threat of general war.

In many parts of the world, the crucial myth, that the United States is the ``Evil Empire,'' has been successfully spread, to the point that rampant anti-Americanism, today, is one of the most valuable tools in the arsenal of the Club of the Isles, blinding its victims to the actions by London. One of the principal objectives of this strategic study is to provide the reader with the in-depth evidence, to see through the smoke screen.

This is particularly important for many in the United States who have lost sight of the historical role of the United States as the leading opponent of the British System. For many Americans, who have been lured into a wide range of anti-government ``movements,'' from the militias to the radical environmentalist gangs, the information here is of special importance.

A new pagan pantheon

Another vital element of the Windsor-Club of the Isles structure that is ``in play'' in the current offensive, is the Church of England, and the Anglican Communion over which it presides. Ever since the reign of Henry VIII, who declared himself ``Pontifex Maximus'' and established the Church of England as part of the English imperial structure, the Church of England has served, paradoxically, as both a branch of the Christian faith, and as an instrument of social control and manipulation, serving the most bestial requirements of the British Empire.

Today, in particular, through ``low church'' ``evangelical'' and ``charismatic'' sects, through such imperial throwbacks as the Church Missionary Society, and through the Anglican Commune's dominant position within the World Council of Churches, the Church of England serves as a crucial instrument for British ``strategies of tension,'' i.e., terrorism directed against the populations of Africa and the Americas.

As you will read here, the Anglican ``charismatics'' and the various British Israelite sects, which have targetted the United States throughout the twentieth century, have repeatedly managed to recruit the cannon fodder for such anti-American movements as the Ku Klux Klan, and the armageddonist elements within today's militias, in much the same way that the kindred irrationalist ``new age'' sects of Prince Philip's World Wide Fund for Nature produce today's most rabid eco-terrorists. The leading operatives in both of these efforts frequently possess serious credentials as military counterinsurgency and psychological warfare specialists. In several instances, unearthed in the course of EIR's investigation of the low church penetration and attempted subversion of the U.S. military establishment, the self-described ``militia leaders'' have turned out to be rabid environmentalists and world-federalists! And in several instances, they also turned out to be paid employees of leading Club of the Isles entities.

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    See EIR, Oct. 28, 1994, ``The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor''; and, EIR, May 24, 1996, ``The Sun Never Sets on the New British Empire.''

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