Know Your Enemy

Lyndon H. LaRouche

Printed in The American Almanac, August 25, 1997.

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We excerpt below, Lyndon LaRouche's observations about America's historic enemy, the British Empire, from an interview with the weekly radio program, ``EIR Talks'' Aug. 12. He was responding to a question about the dramatic new exposé published Aug. 22 by EIR magazine, entitled, ``Britain's `Invisible' Empire unleashes the dogs of war.'' Following LaRouche's commentary, we present excerpts from two earlier, groundbreaking EIR studies: in November 1994, ``The coming fall of the House of Windsor''; and in June 1996, ``The Sun never sets on the new British Empire.''
I think everyone knows that the United States was engaged in a couple of wars, actually more than two, against the British Monarchy, and with very, very good reason....

The difference then, as now, in this case here at hand, is [that] the British Monarchy, and our Constitution, represent two absolutely opposite conceptions of Mankind, of the Nation, and everything else that we believe. The basis for our Republic, was a belief which, in Europe, was founded in Christianity: the belief that man was made in the image of God--man and woman are made in the image of God, and are given a certain quality which enables them to exert dominion over the other things in nature. And that this gift, as the Christians understood it, was the gift of Reason; the thing that we cultivate in a child by giving it a good education; the thing we cultivate in an adult, by giving the adult the opportunity to express the power of reason as developed within the adult, as some suitable kind of life opportunity. That is, the access to a choice of life opportunity, which brings out a meaningful potential from the mortal life, from beginning to end.

We believe that the nation-state must be constituted to guarantee and provide that right to each individual, whereas under the previous systems of government, 95% of the population of every culture we know of on this planet, whether from history or pre-history, that 95% of the people lived as cattle, as human cattle, as slaves or serfs, or worse....

So, we became the model for the modern nation-state. We didn't fully succeed in getting a pure modern nation-state, because relics of the old financier oligarchy, in particular, stayed on in Europe, and we acquired an oligarchy, a Wall Street oligarchy, a New England blueblood oligarchy, and a Southern slave-owner tradition. But we represented the high point of civilization, and no American should ever forget that. There's no nation on this planet which has the honor that the United States has, in terms of its form of government, and the form of economy, which we sometimes used, and sometimes didn't, called the American System of National Economy....

Now the British Empire today, contrary to what most Americans are misled to believe, is still an empire, but of a very special form. It's called the Commonwealth. Most people don't know how the British Empire functions. They think--they believe a silly fairy tale, that the British Parliament runs Britain. It's not true. They believe that the Queen of England is a figurehead. It's not true. They don't know what's going on. The Parliament is a joke. It's an adaptation, a reform of the Monarchy. It does not run the Monarchy. The Queen runs from the top down, through a Privy Council. Number One on the Privy Council, after the Queen, is the Church of England, the head of the Church of England, and then a whole lot of other people, about 500. These 500 people run the British Empire, including the apparatus of its old Colonial Office. The Colonial Office was never disbanded. They call it the Overseas Development Office now. The Crown Agents who ran the colonies still function. They operate whole countries around the world. The mercenary forces we see in Africa and elsewhere are British mercenary forces, under the personal, direct command of the Queen through a thing called the Corps of Commissionaires; that is, these are generally retired military veterans, officers and high-ranking non-coms usually, both from the British Commonwealth system; that is, the various members of the British Commonwealth, or people like Americans, who are ex-GIs, officers and soldiers, who are, as was the case with Ollie North, and people like that, under George Bush, were recruited as mercenary auxiliaries within the British mercenary system.

Destroying the U.S. from Within

What has happened is that this crowd has moved to take over and destroy the United States from within. Because of what's happened to destroy our society from what it had been in the middle '60s, over the past 30 years, we have reached a situation where over 50% of the eligible voters of this country do not even bother to register to vote. We have a great disaffected population, who believe that government has turned bad, has betrayed the United States and everything else. Now this group has been targetted for manipulation by people like Lord William Rees-Mogg, and his investment newsletter operation, and things like that.

But, at the same time, through an operation run through the Church of England, which is a Pentecostalist--but other charismatic operations, run by the British Queen directly--has taken over large chunks of denominations in the United States, in addition to those like--for example, Pat Robertson is, in fact, an agent of the British Monarchy today! This is a case of an empire, a state running the church--so the church is not run for God; it's run for the Queen! And the religion is shaped, and manipulated to serve the interests of the Queen and what she represents in terms of the Empire. Not to serve God. But, nonetheless, they seize upon the mechanisms of religious belief among sections of our population--especially our military.

[This] has led to the creation of a great security risk, not in the militias themselves--most of them are honest people, just honest, disaffected, angry people, who don't know where to turn, because they don't think Washington's their friend. But the cover of that disaffection is used for the enemies of the United States--the British--to actually create terrorist threats--I'm talking about the kind of thing that happened in Oklahoma City--inside the United States. The greatest single security threat here.

It also is a major security--it's key to the genocide, the holocaust which the British have been running in Africa. It's is also key to congressmen like Congressman Wolf, Frank Wolf of northern Virginia, or Congressman Chris Smith from Trenton, New Jersey--these men who are agents through the Christian Solidarity International, which is a British Intelligence front; agents for the genocide being perpetrated in Africa; agents for covering it up inside the United States; and agents for various other British operations inside the United States.

And it's time that the American people knew what is really going on in the fellow making funny noises in the next room. That a very intense brainwashing operation, run largely through the Anglican communion, the greater Anglican communion, run by the British Queen, which is run, in large degree, through some of the Episcopal hierarchy, the Episcopal Church in the United States, which includes some of the Pentecostalists. It includes, of course, Pat Robertson; it includes a lot of people like that. And this has become a major security threat, that is, a church which is not a church running the state, but a church created and organized and directed by a state. It's a very dangerous thing. It's what the old Roman Empire, and the Babylonian Empire, and the Cult of Apollo, and the Byzantine Empire did before. It's one of the horrors from the bowels of human history. And somebody has resurrected it against us here in the United States. It's about time we paid attention!

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