How The Green Fascist Movement Was Created

by Marcia Merry and Joseph Brewda

Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, July 18, 1997

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  • The United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, founded in 1948, is a Paris-based, specialized UN organization that was designed by Sir Julian Huxley, one of the leading figures of war-time British intelligence. Huxley was also its first director general. In his 1946 document which called for the group's creation, Huxley defines Unesco's two main aims as popularizing the need for eugenics, and protecting wildlife through the creation of national parks, especially in Africa. With a $550 million annual budget, Unesco funds a vast network of conservation groups; it defines protection of the environment as one of its three main goals.

  • IUCN: The Swiss-based International Union for the Conservation of Nature was formed in 1948 by Sir Julian Huxley. Its constitution was written by the British Foreign Office. It brings together 60 nations, 95 government agencies, and 568 non-governmental organizations. Together with the UNEP and the World Resources Institute (see below), the IUCN launched the ``Global Biodiversity Strategy,'' which guides the conservation planning of many nations. Today, its staff directly plans the conservation strategies and administers the national parks systems of many former colonies. It sees the preservation of biodiversity as its main mission. The IUCN president is Sir Shridath Ramphal, the former secretary general of the British Commonwealth, 1975-90; its director general, Martin Holdgate, was a senior official of the United Kingdom's Department of the Environment.

  • The Nature Conservancy: Founded by royal charter in 1949, the Nature Conservancy is one of the four official research bodies under the British royalty's Privy Council. Known as the ``world's first statutory conservation body,'' it became one of the most powerful postwar covert operations of the Crown. Max Nicholson, the permanent secretary to the deputy prime minister, wrote the legislation for the Conservancy, then left his government post to head it. Nicholson personally developed most of the major strategies and tactics of the world environmentalist movement for the next decades. The group started the campaign against DDT, drafted the constitution for the IUCN, and set up the committee which established the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 1961. The subtitle of Nicholson's 1970 history of the postwar environmental movement is ``A Guide for the New Masters of the Earth.''

  • Conservation Foundation: This group was established in Washington, D.C. in 1949, as the U.S. arm of the Nature Conservancy Society of Europe. The first director of the foundation was Henry Fairfield Osborne, an outspoken advocate of eugenics and depopulation. The group took credit for the 1969 national Environmental Policy Act, and the 1985 National Resources Conservation Act, which locks up farmland into non-agricultural use.

  • Sierra Club: Founded in the 1890s in the United States by preservationist John Muir, the Sierra Club was mostly an outing club until the 1950s. At that time, it became a radical environmentalist lobbying organization, dedicated to preventing all commercial uses of public lands in the United States. Its executive director, David Brower, who oversaw this transformation, left the group in 1969, to former the more radical Friends of the Earth (see below). In 1971, leaders of the Sierra Club in Canada created the eco-terrorist Greenpeace (see below).

  • World Wildlife Fund: Founded in 1961 by Prince Philip of Britain and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the WWF (now called World Wide Fund for Nature) functions as the leading European oligarchical families' intelligence arm. It is the single most important ``environmentalist organization'' operating in the world today, and is responsible for overseeing all of the operations of the global environmentalist movement, including fostering terrorism, insurrections, and civil wars.

    The professed concern of the group is to protect ``endangered species'' threatened by industrial development, particularly in former British colonies. It has done this, in part, through setting up ``national parks'' and ``ecological reserves'' outside the control of national governments, in targetted regions. These parks, in turn, serve as training grounds and safe-havens for British-backed terrorist organizations. Exemplary is the use of the national parks in Africa, to train and protect all the ``liberation fronts'' under British control.

    The WWF's ``1001 Club,'' made up of 1,001 individuals hand-picked by Prince Philip, is the ruling body of the group. It is dominated by members of the oligarchical families of Europe, and includes some of their leading operatives within government and industry. The WWF works closely with the Royal Geographical Society, and The Fauna and Flora Preservation Society, both patronized by Queen Elizabeth.

  • UN Development Program: Formed in 1966, the UNDP's purpose was to propagandize in favor of the doctrine of ``sustainable development,'' which labels physical economic growth and industrialization as contrary to development. Under this doctrine, the UNDP has given extensive funding to indigenous and ecological programs against national governments.

  • Friends of the Earth: Founded 1969 by the former executive director of Sierra Club, David Brower, it moved to England in 1970, with financing from the Goldsmith interests (see below). It engages in direct action and other activities, particularly targetting nuclear power plants. Its U.K. director during the 1980s was Jonathan Porritt, son of the ex-governor general of New Zealand.

  • Survival International: It was founded in London in 1969, with the sponsorship of WWF Chairman Sir Peter Scott, to provide funding to ``help tribal peoples protect their lands, environment and way of life.'' Originally named Primitive Peoples Fund, it continues close collaboration with the WWF and the Royal Geographic Society. Other founding members include Edward Goldsmith and Royal Geographic Society director John Hemming. South American Indians were initial targets of its operations.

  • Earth Day: Hundreds of millions of dollars went into ``Earth Day'' 1970, a vast public relations stunt to get the ``green movement,'' earlier prepared by the WWF and allied agencies, off the ground. Earth Day was bankrolled by the UN, Atlantic Richfield, and the Ford and Rockefeller foundations; it was directed by the British intelligence-sponsored Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies.

  • Goldsmith/the Ecologist: In 1970, Sir James Goldsmith, a top official in British intelligence, and his older brother Edward (``Teddy'') Goldsmith, launched the Ecologist magazine, the organ of what became the most radical wing of the environmentalist movement. The Goldsmiths also published a call for the creation of a Movement of Survival, which was founded under the name Peoples Party, later renamed the Green Party. Green parties, all mobilized against industry, then spread to Germany, France, and, eventually, every nation in the European Community.

  • Greenpeace: Greenpeace was founded in 1971 out of the Don't Make a Wave Committee, by a coalition of Maoists, Trotskyists, and Canadian members of the Sierra Club. Its first head, Ben Metcalfe, had worked for British Intelligence in postwar Germany. The idea was to create a ``direct action'' terrorist arm of the WWF. It now has branches in 24 countries, including Russia, with headquarters in the Netherlands and an annual budget of $157 million. Its current director is Lord Peter Melchett, heir to the Imperial Chemical Industries fortune.

  • UNEP: The United Nations Environment Program was formed at the 1972 UN Conference on the Environment, which was organized by WWF co-founder Maurice Strong. Based in Kenya, the UNEP works closely with Unesco, the IUCN, and the WWF in diverse ventures. Its World Conservation Monitoring Center in Cambridge, England, which it jointly sponsors along with the IUCN and the WWF, is the central intelligence agency of the conservation movement.

  • Worldwatch Institute: This group was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1974, with Lester Russell Brown as director. It maintains that the Earth's carrying capacity has been exceeded. Brown is, or has been, affiliated with many groups including Zero Population Growth, the Population Reference Bureau, and the New York Council on Foreign Relations. He is on the advisory committee of the ``2020 Vision'' program of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), which is connected to the World Bank; and of the Institute of International Economics, run by C. Fred Bergsten, of the Trilateral Commission, which acts in close association with the International Monetary Fund. Money to found Worldwatch came from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

  • International Food Policy Research Institute: IFPRI was founded in 1975, for the stated purpose of identifying ``alternative national and international strategies and policies for meeting food needs of the developing world on a sustainable basis,'' in terms of protecting the environment. It became a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (founded in 1971), and is associated with the World Bank and various UN agencies, including the Environment Program and Population Program. It specializes in propaganda that large-scale infrastructure is bad for the environment, and that resources, such as soil and water, are finite.

  • Earth First! Founded by David Foreman, formerly of the Sierra Club, in 1979, Earth First! has been involved in hundreds of attacks against farmers, loggers, and cattlemen, each year. The self-professed terrorist group has regularly driven spikes into trees, to injure loggers and woodworkers, and has engaged in arson and bombings of buildings used to sell livestock, or conduct scientific research using animals.

  • World Resources Institute: WRI was founded in 1982 under the guidance of then WWF-U.S. President Russell Train, with generous grants from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the MacArthur Foundation. James Gustave Speth was appointed its president. Speth was a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council. After 11 years at WRI, Speth was made head of the United Nations Development Program in 1993. WRI is the main think-tank for U.S. environmental groups, putting forward study after study promoting the ``new world order'' and the global biodiversity strategy. WRI is affiliated with the International Institute for Environment and Development in London, formerly headed by Lady Jackson (Barbara Ward), a British Socialist Party think-tank.

  • A 2020 Vision for Food, Agriculture, and the Environment: This program was created in 1993 by the International Food Policy Research Institute. Uganda President Yoweri Museveni is its figurehead chairman. ``2020 Vision'' stresses small-scale, pick-and-hoe agriculture, and free trade. In June 1995, IFPRI hosted an international conference on future food supplies. IFPRI Director Per Pinstrup-Andersen predicts that, in particular, struggles for water will be the battleground of the future. The advisory board of ``2020 Vision'' includes leaders of Worldwatch Institute, World Wildlife Fund, UN Development Program, World Bank, the Population Council, U.S. Agency for International Development, and the UN Environment Program.

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