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Abernathy, Ralph David, And the Walls Came Tumbling Down.,
Harper Perennial, Division of HarperCollins Publishers, 1990 Paperback, 5.25x8, cover ends curled, otherwise in very good condition, 641 pp. "... is the stirring, eloquently written autobiography of one of the most important figures in the civil rights movement. It is a deeply moving, firsthand account of what it felt like to be an integral part of an epic struggle, from the man who saw and participated in more of it than any other individual ... In his compelling autobiography, Abernathy brings vividly to life the whole panoramic sweep of the civil rights movement." [review by the Cincinnati Herald, from the book cover] Book I.D. Number: 503 -- Price: $7.00

Addison and Steele, Addison and Steel: Selections from the Tatler and the Spectator. Edited by Robert J. Allen.,
Rinehart Editions, Holt Rinehart and Winston Co., 1957 Paperback, 5.25x8.25, sturdy but worn cover, pages yellowing, text in good condition, 452 pp. Book I.D. Number: 445 -- Price: $3.00

Adler, Mortimer editor in chief; Charles van Doren, Executive Editor, The Annals of America, 20 volumes, from 1493 to 1976,
Encyclopedia Britannica Hardcover, 6.5x9.5, silver lettering, very good condition. Book I.D. Number: 119 -- Price: $100.00

American Heritage, American Heritage,
American Heritage Publishing Company, various years Hardcover, 8.75x11.25, 108 pp, wonderful photos and illustrations. Bounded copies of The American Heritage. The following years are available: 1958 - Dec.; 1959 - Feb., April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec; 1960 - Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct; 1961 - Dec; 1962 - Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct, Dec.; 1963 - Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct.; 1964 - June; 1968 - Oct., 1972 - Dec.; 1973 - Feb., April, June, Aug., Oct, Dec.; 1974 - Feb., April, June, Aug, Oct., Dec.; 1975 - Feb., April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec.; 1976 - Feb., June, Oct.; 1977 - Aug; 1978 - March, June, July, Nov., Dec; 1979 - Feb., March, April, May, Dec.. Price is $2.00 apiece. Book I.D. Number: 68 -- Price: $2.00

Arabian Nights, Stories from the Thousand and One Nights (The Arabian Nights' Entertainments), translated by Edward William Lane, Revised by Stanley Lane-Poole,
Harvard Classics, Grolier Enterprises Corp., Danbury, Connecticut, 1987 printing Hardcover, 5.75x8.5, The Harvard Classics Collector's Edition, 441 pp, very good condition. Book I.D. Number: 761 -- Price: $3.50

Area handbook for the Study of China, Area Handbook for the Study of China, 1980 or 1981,
The American University, Foreign Area Studies Hardback, 6x9.25, good condition, maps, 587 pp. Book I.D. Number: 47 -- Price: $5.00

Auden, W. H. editor, The Portable Greek Reader,
Penguin books, 1977 printing Paperback, 4.25x7, 726 pp. Great selections. Includes Plato's Timaeus, many others. Book I.D. Number: 596 -- Price: $6.00

Avedon, John, In Exile from the Land of Snows: The First Full Account of the Dalai Lama,
Alfred A. Knopf, 1984 Hardcover, 6.5x9.5, dustjacket, withdrawn from library collection, very good condition, 383 pp. Book I.D. Number: 64 -- Price: $20.00

Bainton, Roland, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther,
A Mentor Book, Published by the New American Library, 1950 Paperback, 4.25x7, underlining, illustrations, small type, 336 pp. Reduce postage cost by 50% for this thin book. Book I.D. Number: 233 -- Price: $3.00

Balsiger, David and Sellier, Charles, The Lincoln Conspiracy,
Schick Sunn Classic Books, Los Angeles, 1977 Paperback, 4x7, cover worn, some underlining and pages yellowing, text otherwise in good condition, 319 pp. Was made into a motion picture. 32 pages of photos of the conspirators, Lincoln, etc. "On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated while attending a play at Ford's Theatre. Historical accounts tell us the murder was committed by a crazed actor names John Wilkes Booth, AND NO ONE ELSE. Now, after more than a century, startling new answers are uncovered for such questions as ... " [from the book cover] Book I.D. Number: 498 -- Price: $3.00

Bamford, James, The Puzzle Palace: Inside the National Security Agency (NSA), America's Most Secret Intelligence Organization,
A Penguin Book, 1986 Paperback, 5x7.75, good condition, page and cover edges worn, text unmarked, 655 pp. "The National Bestseller. The book the NSA tried to suppress, with a startling new afterword on the Geoffrey Arthur Prime Spy Case." "The NSA is the largest, most secretive, and potentially most intrusive American intelligence agency. It dwarfs the CIA in budget, manpower, and influence. In the three decades it has existed, the NSA has demonstrated a shocking disregard for the law. Until now, the inner workings of this agency have eluded public scutiny. In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, however, James Bamford penetrates the NSA's vast network of power -- the acres of computers, the electronic listening posts worldwide, the intelligence-gathering satellites, and the people who control them. THE PUZZLE PALACE is a brilliant account of the use and abuse of technological espionage and of the frightening Orwellian potential of today's intelligence communities." [from the book cover.] Book I.D. Number: 403 -- Price: $3.00

Bamford, James, The Puzzle Palace: A Report on America's Most Secret Agency,
Houghton, Mifflin company, Boston, 1982 Hardcover, 6.25x9.25, no dustjacket, some watermarks on cover, otherwise good condition, 465 pp. "The National Bestseller. The book the NSA tried to suppress." "The NSA is the largest, most secretive, and potentially most intrusive American intelligence agency. It dwarfs the CIA in budget, manpower, and influence. In the three decades it has existed, the NSA has demonstrated a shocking disregard for the law. Until now, the inner workings of this agency have eluded public scutiny. In this remarkable tour de force of investigative reporting, however, James Bamford penetrates the NSA's vast network of power -- the acres of computers, the electronic listening posts worldwide, the intelligence-gathering satellites, and the people who control them. THE PUZZLE PALACE is a brilliant account of the use and abuse of technological espionage and of the frightening Orwellian potential of today's intelligence communities." [from the book cover.] Book I.D. Number: 667 -- Price: $6.00

Barber, Noel, The Sultans,
Simon and Schuster Hardcover, dustjacket somewhat frayed, name written inside on first page, binding off kilter, otherwise good condition, 304 pp. "The story of the Ottoman Empire, seen through the lives and actions of its sultans, in their absolute power and terrifying cruelty." [from the book cover] "The subject of this vast, astonishing and brilliantly readable work of history is the bizarre story of the Ottoman Empire, seen through the lives and actions of its sultans, with their absolute power and terrifying cruelty, their love of pomp and magnificence and their overwhelming venality and corruption." [from the dustjacket] Book I.D. Number: 676 -- Price: $8.00

Barlett, Donald and James B. Steele, America: What Went Wrong?,
Andrews and McMeel, A Universal Press Syndicate Company, Kansas City, 1992 Paperback, 5.5x8.5, good condition, 235 pp. "... is a solid indictment of how the rulemakers in Washington and the dealmakers on Wall Street have changed the rules of the game to favor the privileged, the powerful, and the influential -- at the expense of everyone else. Expanding on an unforgettable series of articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer, this book is the culmination of two years of research by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporters Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele ... " Book I.D. Number: 429 -- Price: $5.00

Barnett, Corelli, The Swordbearers: Supreme Command in the First World War,
First Indiana University Press Editions published by arrangement with William Morrow and Co., 1975 Paperback, 6x9, binding worn, text clean, 392 pp. Contains: "The Tragic Delusion -- Col. General Helmuth von Moltke", "Sailor with a Flawed Cutlass -- Admiral Sir John Jellicoe", "Travail, Famille, Patrie -- General Philippe Petain", "Full Circle -- General Erich Ludendorff". Excellent photos of all, maps. Book I.D. Number: 226 -- Price: $7.50

Beard, Charles and Mary, America in Mid Passage. Volumes I and II,
The Macmillan Company, 1939 Hardcover, 5.75x8.75, covers marked, some stains. 977 pages for both volumes. American history and culture 1920's-1938. $10.00 for both volumes. Book I.D. Number: 145 -- Price: $10.00

Bernstein, Carl, Loyalties: A Son's Memoir,
Simon and Schuster, 1989 Hardcover, dustjacket, very good condition, 362 p. "LOYALTIES is the long-awaited book by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Carl Bernstein, his first since ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN and THE FINAL DAYS. ... Bernstein now focuses all his reportorial and writing skills on his own family: on the events that shaped his childhood in Washington, D.C., and led to the persecution of his parents and thousands of others during the McCarthy era ... Through the experience of his own family Bernstein traces the roots of McCarthyism -- not (as many accounts would have it) back to Richard M. Nixon or the House Committee on Un-American Activities, but to Harry Truman and Executive Order 9835, issued a year before Truman sought reelection in 1948. Under that order more than 12,000 employees of the federal government were accused of 'disloyalty' and brought before 'Loyalty boards' that passed judgment on their loyalty to America. For two generations these proceedings -- in which thousands of loyal citizens were driven from government -- have been classified and, until now, kept secret. As director of negotiations for the United Public Workers of America, Bernstein's father served as defense counsel in more than 500 of these cases. Bernstein's mother, who led lunch counter sit-ins for desegregation and marches to protest the Rosenberg executions, was called to testify before the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities when Carl Bernstein was ten years old. ... " [from the dust jacket] Book I.D. Number: 870 -- Price: $3.00

Billington, Ray Allen, America's Frontier Heritage,
Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1966 Hardcover, 6x9, dustjacket, 302 pp. Withdrawn from library, has library stamp on top page edge and front and back pages. Otherwise, text in good condition. Pages edges somewhat soiled. Outstanding volume in the HISTORIES OF THE AMERICAN FRONTIER Series. Book I.D. Number: 1051 -- Price: $8.00

Blassingame, John W., The Slave Community: Plantation Life in the Antebellum South,
Oxford Univerity Press, 1975 Paperback, 5.25x8, fair-good condition, cover worn, pages yellowing, no underlining, 262 pp. "...Professor Blassingame has successfully filled a major gap in the historical literature of the antebellum south .... we obtain for the first time a detailed examination of the daily lives of the slaves on large plantations, with some intelligent speculation about the forces to which they were subjected .... Blassingames' book is strengthened by more than fifty judiciously chosen illustrations interspersed at appropriate places throughout the text. The note on sources, discussing the strengths and limitations of the slave narratives, is iteslf an important essay on historical methodology. Well written besides ...." [The History Teacher] Book I.D. Number: 99 -- Price: $4.50

Bloch, Marc Translated by L. A. Manyon, Feudal Society. Volume I: The Growth of Ties of Dependence,
A Phoenix Book, Published by the University of Chicago Press Paperback, 5.25x8, very good-excellent condition, 279 pp. "... Place-names, chansons, heraldry, technology, demography: every source is pillaged that can possibly cast light on how men thought and lived and acted. It is this and the wealth of concrete illustrations that give Bloch's work its enduring value: What he shows us is not a bloodless system, but the living and vitalising force which shaped society in western Europe for four creative centuries." [G. Barralough, OBSERVER (London)] "Volume I comprises an extensive analysis of feudal relations. After surveying the social and intellectual conditions in which feudalism developed, Bloch examines the nature of the bond of kinship both as a predecessor and as a concomitant of vassalage. The core of the volume is a masterly account of the creation of the ties of dependence and of the relations of lord and vassal and the origins and nature of the fief." [from the book cover] Book I.D. Number: 237 -- Price: $3.00

Bloodworth, Dennis, The Chinese Looking Glass,
Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, New York, 1967 Hardcover, 5.5x8.5, no dust jacket, good condition, 429 pp. Author: Far East staff correspondent for The London Observer. "David Astor, the editor of The Observer, suggested the book ... and ... Frederic Warburg agreed to publish it." "I am not a Sinologue, but a journalist with a Chinese wife and three Chinese children who has lived in the Far East for twelve years ... The purpose [of the book] is to try to explain what makes the Chinese tick, to trace across more than 3,000 years of history, philosophy, literature, and day-to-day living those often invisible puppet strings of atavistic instinct and prejudice that may influence today the words and actions of one quarter of the people in this world -- and their leaders. The choice of material, however frivolous at times, is therefore directed toward this end." Book I.D. Number: 40 -- Price: $5.00

Boorstin, Daniel J., The Americans: The National Experience,
Vintage Books, Random House, copyright 1965. Paperback, 5.25x8, good condition, 517 pp. Winner of the Francis Parkman Prize. "'Boorstin's achievement is to compel us to see again, ranged in order, the whole mass of attitudes and mechanisms that arise from American difference, and to display his material so abundantly and ingeniously that we see aspects of the nation's past as if for the first time.'" [from the book cover -- review by Marcus Cunliff, Book Week] Book I.D. Number: 558 -- Price: $4.50

Braudel, Fernand, Capitalism and Material Life 1400-1800,
Harper and Row Publishers, 1975 Paperback, 5.25x8, fair condition, pages yellowing and binding worn, 462 pp. Book I.D. Number: 85 -- Price: $3.00

Brayman, Harold, From Grover Cleveland to Gerald Ford ... The President Speaks Off the Record: Historic Evenings With America's Leaders, The Press, and Other Men of Power at Washington's Most Exclusive Club -- The Gridiron,
Dow Jones Books, Princeton, NJ, 1976 Hardcover, dustjacket with some stains, cover marked, 870 pp, very good condition. "Free wheeling musical satire ... significant portions of about 75 previously unpublished speeches by Presidents, Vice Presidents and Presidential candidates ... moments of history in the making ... all this and more is part of the record of the famous Gridiron Club. ... Always off the record! It was at a Gridiron dinner that a chorus of members serenaded President John F. Kennedy with: "His wild Irish prose, It sparkles as it glows ..." It was at a Gridiron dinner that Woodrow Wilson clearly predicted America's entry into WWI -- 14 months before it happened. It was at a 1941 Gridiron dinner, when Franklin D. Roosevelt had just finished speaking of "the broken treaty and the violated faith," that Arthur Krock handed him a dispatch that Hitler had invaded Yugoslavia and Greece. ..." [from the dustjacket] Book I.D. Number: 227 -- Price: $20.00

Bronowski, J., The Ascent of Man,
Little Brown and Company, 1973 copyright, book of the month club edition Hardcover, 7x10, cover was very beat up, tears have been repaired with clear overlay over cover, book in good condition, 448 pp. Wonderful illustrations and artwork. "THE ASCENT OF MAN is nothing less than a full-scale history of science developed from the acclaimed thirteen-part BBC television series written by Jacob Bronowski, mathematician and statistician, poet, historian, teacher, inventor, Fellow fo Jesus College, Cambridge, and a leader in the modern movement of Scientific Humanism." [from the dustjacket] Book I.D. Number: 965 -- Price: $7.50

Brown, Anthony Cave, Wild Bill Donovan: The Last Hero,
Times Books, a division of Quadrangle/The New York Times Book Co., Inc. 1982 copyright Hardcover, dustjacket, name plate inside front cover and stamp on first page, otherwise very good condition, 891 pp. "The biography and political experience of Major General William J. Donovan, founder of the OSS and 'father' of the CIA, from his personal and secret papers and the diaries of Ruth Donovan." "The scope of Donovan's career is astonishing. He made his mark in the US Cavalry chasing Pancho Villa; won half a dozen of the highest medals of WWI in action on the western front, including the supreme award, the Medal of Honor; became acting attorney general of the United States; personally won a number of landmark cases before the Supreme Court; ran as Republican candidate for governor of New York and was often spoken of for the presidency; created the great law firm of Donovan Leisure Newton & Irvine; was founding head of the OSS and the creator of the CIA, and ambassador to Thailand. Among Donovan's greatest accomplishments was his role in the grand strategic plan for Germany's defeat in WWII, the Arcadia plan, in which Donovan's contribution was to ignite the national uprisings coincident with the invasion of France. He also made a decisive contribution in diverting the Nazi armies into the Balkans, fatally delaying the German invasion of Russia. America's counterpart to the tale of Britain's 'Intrepid' (Sir William Stephenson), Donovan's story will be relished by espionage and war buffs. Here, revealed at last, are the inside, background details of the most extraordinary military and spy operations of WWII." [from the bookjacket] Book I.D. Number: 675 -- Price: $12.00

Brown, Anthony Cave, Body Guard of Lies -- Vol. 2 only,
Harper and Row Publishers, Book Club Edition, 1975 Hardcover, 5.5x8, dustjacket frayed and soiled, name written on front page, pp. 531-1056. Text in good condition. Begins at Part IV, Chapter 6. Book I.D. Number: 941 -- Price: $4.00

Browne, Edward Granville, A Year Amongst the Persians. Impressions as to the Life, Character, and Thought of The People of Persia, Received During Twelve Months' Residence in that Country in the Years 1887-1888,
The Century Travellers Series, The Century Publishing Co., Ltd.1984. Paperback, 5.25x8.5, very good condition, 650 pp. Book I.D. Number: 33 -- Price: $10.00

Bruce, Robert, Lincoln and the Tools of War,
University of Illinois Press, 1989 Paperback, 5.75x8.5, excellent condition, new book, 368 pp. "Fascinated by mechanical gadgetry and technology, Lincoln introduced breechloaders and machine guns into warfare and promoted the use of incendiary weapons, ironclad warships, breechloading cannons, and aerial reconnaissance. Robert Bruce chronicles the President's struggle against bureaucratic red tape and his dealing with the colorful parade of inventors, ordnance experts, bureaucrats, military officers, and lobbyists who heralded a new era in warfare." "In this book, Bruce examines a hitherto unexplored side of Lincoln's role as President -- his willingness to function as his own War Production Board and his own Bureau of Scientific Development. He presents a fascinating story, uncovers an unsuspected aspect of Lincoln's presidency, and provides a brand-new chapter in Civil War History ... [Bruce Catton]". [from the book cover]. Book I.D. Number: 438 -- Price: $10.00

Bryan, J. III and Charles J. W. Murphy, The Windsor Story,
William Morrow and Company, Inc, New York, 1979, First Edition Hardcover, no dustjacket, cover some scratches, otherwise very good condition, illustrations, photographs, 639 pp Book I.D. Number: 264 -- Price: $9.00

Bullock, Alan, Hitler: A Study in Tyranny. New Revised Edition Complete and Unabridged,
Bantam Book, 1961 Paperback, 4x7, cover worn, pages yellowing, no underlining, small type, 780 pp. Book I.D. Number: 440 -- Price: $2.50

Burns, Thomas S., The Secret War for the Ocean Depths. Soviet-American Rivalry for Mastery of the Seas,
Rawson Associates Publishers, Inc., New York, 1978 Hardcover, dustjacket with a few small tears, 5.5x8.5, 334 pp. Good condition. "... Published stories deal almost exclusively with atomic submarines and their missiles, but very little is known of the amazing technology that has been developed to destroy submarines. For the first time, Mr. Burns introduces us to it. We learn about three-story-high transducers, and the honeycombing of the ocean floor with listening devices. We learn about Caesar -- a frightening new surveillance system -- the Doomsday Machine, the Trident submarine, the undersea fortress networks of the next decade, and much more. This is a story of men and ambitions, a war of geniuses. ... We find out about the roles of admirals Rickover and Raborn, Howard Hughes and the Glomar Explorer, the CIA and foreign bases. We see the rise and fall of admirals who picked the wrong system ..." [from the dust jacket] Book I.D. Number: 808 -- Price: $7.00

Burns, James MacGregor, Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox,
A Harvest Book, Harcourt, Brace and World, Inc. 1956 Paperback, back cover worn, otherwise good condition, 553 pp. Winner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation award and the Tamiment Book Award. "The first political biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt." Book I.D. Number: 157 -- Price: $5.00

Burns, James MacGregor, Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox. The First Political Biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.,
A Harvest Book, Harcourt Brace and World Paperback, 5.25x8, cover beat up and underlining in first chapters, rest of text in good condition, name written on front page, photos, 553 pp. Book I.D. Number: 439 -- Price: $4.00

Burns, James MacGregor, Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom,
Smithmark Publishers, 1996, Leaders of Our Time Series. First published in 1970 Hardcover, 6.5x9.5, dustjacket, excellent condition, new book, 612 pp. "The proposition of this stunning sequel to the celebrated ROOSEVELT: THE LION AND THE FOX, ... Mr. Burns has worked on an enormous canvas. The great world at war is passed in review, but the focus is always on Roosevelt -- his brilliant war leadership, the great vision he pursued, the fatal ambivalence that lay at the heart of his strategy for freedom. The narrative moves from the dark days of 1940 and the fight over aid to embattled Britain to the day in April 1945 when the President quietly slipped away." [from the dustjacket] Book I.D. Number: 504 -- Price: $15.00

Butcher, Captain Harry C., USNR, The Personal Diary of Captain Harry C. Butcher, USNR, Naval Aide to General Eisenhower, 1942-1945,
Simon and Schuster, New York, 1946 Hardcover, 5.75x8.5, cover damaged, front and back binding broken, pages fair-good condition, no underlining or marks, 910 pp Book I.D. Number: 275 -- Price: $3.00

Butow, Robert, Japan's Decision to Surrender,
Hoover Library on War, Revolution, and Peace, 1954, Stanford University Press Hardcover, 6x9.5, good condition, some yellowing of pages, 259 pp. Book I.D. Number: 62 -- Price: $20.00

Butterfield, Fox, China: Alive in the Bitter Sea,
Bantam Book, published by arrangement with Times Books, 1983 Paperback, 6x8.75, fair condition, some writing in frontispiece, some underlining, 468 pp. Butterfield was the New York Times First Peking Bureau Chief. Book won the American Book Award for General Non-Fiction. Picture of "life inside China". Book I.D. Number: 25 -- Price: $3.50

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