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A page featuring historical research, with articles from The New Federalist newspaper's American Almanac insert.

The historical work emphasizes: National Economy vs. Free Trade; Progress vs. Malthusianism; National Sovereignty vs. Globalization; and the ideas of the Renaissance and the tradition of Christian Humanism.

The New Federalist is the newspaper of the American System, published by collaborators of Lyndon LaRouche.

These articles are in draft form only! Any duplication of material from these articles must include attribution to The New Federalist, or related publications, as indicated.

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[Abe Lincoln reading to
his son]

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Series on the American System added October 12, 2005:

Part I:
What Is 'American System' Economics

Part II:
The 'American System' Means Sovereignty, Not Free Trade

Part III:
The 'American System' Requires That a Nation Control Its Own Currency

Part IV:
The 'American System' Requires a National Bank

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