What Is The "New Violence"?

by Lyndon LaRouche

Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, May 5, 2000.

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This policy memorandum, directed to LaRouche's Committee for a New Bretton Woods (LBW), was written by Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. on April 26, 2000.

  1. The term "New Violence," as employed by LBW, signifies, chiefly, the introduction of new methods, those of Nintendo games and related means, to transform young children and adolescents, as well as law-enforcement personnel, into "Samurai"-style programmed killers. The term "New Violence" will be used in LBW proceedings solely to identify forms of violence which feature this distinctly new elements. Old forms of violence will be included in this classification only when the role of Nintendo-style games and related means is a characteristic feature of the problem being considered in the study and report.

    E.G., the classification of "New Violence," as distinct from new revivals of old forms of violence, will be included, only in such cases as the revival of old-style lynching conducted by law-enforcement agents, that only insofar as it is congruent with the pattern typified by the activities of Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's special teams of "Nintendo Cops" in New York City.

    y "New Violence," we emphasize the Littleton-Columbine model, in which Nintendo-style games and related methods and means was a crucial, distinguishing feature. We include the ruse of related methods and objectives in the training and deployment of law-enforcement agents, or analogous instances. We must do this to avoid ruining the results of the investigation by fallacy of composition.

  2. The standpoint of comparison used to aid in conceptualizing the common characteristics of this "New Violence," is the utopian programs, such as H. G. Wells' The Open Conspiracy, Wells- Russell protege Aldous Huxley's utopian "New Age" models, the 1931 and 1951 models set forth by Bertrand Russell, and Clockwork Orange, as points of intellectual reference. What is specifically new, is the adaptation of the mythos of the Samurai warrior, and related "martial arts" mythology, combined with lunatic legacies such as "Dungeons and Dragons"and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings,, to the childish mad-killer pornography of cinematic cartoons and Nintendo-style games. The use of this method and its derivatives, for the purpose of programmed conditioning of military, law enforcement teams, and for indoctrinating children in a programmed impulse for terrorist forms of violence, is adequately understood only when such Nintendo-game-style conditioning is situated within the utopian doctrine of Russell's relevant 1931 and 1951 writings on the required methods of population control to realize his own and H. G. Wells' oligarchical utopian ends.
  3. A crucial feature of a clean inquiry, is to recognize the fraud implicit (or actually intended) in the use of any hysterical "gun-law reform" diversionary efforts, to cover up for the crucial role of the popular mass-media, and firms such as Hasbro, in mass brainwashing of children to become, even as young children, programmed agents of blind-terrorist modes of mass-murder by means which do not depend in any characteristic fashion on firearms.
  4. A most important feature of the inquiry, is to recognize the lessons to be learned from the role of "bread and circuses" in manipulating the population of ancient Rome into the pathological state of mind aimed at by the design on Nintendo-style games and related "New Age" tactics today.

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