Map Caption: Real Estate Project to Wipe Out DC General Hospital

by Ed Spannaus

Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, March 23, 2001.

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The area where D.C. General Hospital is now located, would contain high-rise commercial and residential buildings, according to the long-term plan for the Nation's Capital called "Extending the Legacy," developed by the National Capital Planning Commission (NCPC). (See EIR, March 16, p. 73.)

Above is a portion of the NCPC's depiction of their plans, showing the area from the Capitol (left) to the "East Capitol/Anacostia Waterfront" area (upper right). It shows a complete transformation of this area, which now contains RFK Stadium, the D.C. Armory, D.C. General Hospital and the D.C. Jail. All of those facilities are gone, replaced by an environmental park and recreational area, bordered by high-rise private development.

The other drawing is the NCPC's depiction of the area where DC General Hospital now sits, at the foot of Massachusetts Avenue, S.E., which is to be transformed into a marina surrounded by private high-rise buildings.

National Capital Planning Commission

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