Secretive Group Runs D. C. General Shutdown and "Negro Removal"

by Anton Chaitkin

Printed in the Executive Intelligence Review, March 23, 2001.

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Two generations of Washington D.C. municipal leaders have grovelled before the so-called ``Federal City Council,'' a powerful private group determined to remove the city's majority black population. Speaking out against the FCC is considered suicidal in D.C. politics. On the other hand, campaign financing, social climbing, and career advancement for minority politicians are lures for staying with the FCC program, however murderous.

In the face of growing public outrage, the decision to shut down D.C. General Hospital is being rammed through by bankers, lawyers, real estate moguls, media and Bush operatives: the Federal City Council (FCC) is the fist they use to control D.C. politics.

The FCC, founded in the 1950s by the Washington Post and long controlled by Post boss Katharine Graham, operates secretly in its own name and more publicly through fronts.

The actual, elected City Council of the District of Columbia has recently spoken out, even if timidly, on the dangers posed by the proposed hospital shutdown.

Warning against revolt, employees of the ``Urban Institute''--one of the front groups in the Katharine Graham/FCC web--wrote in the March 11 Washington Post: ``D.C. General Hospital will close. [This plan] promises to improve care while containing costs.... [The] decision of the D.C. Financial Control Board and the funding restrictions imposed by Congress are final. The D.C Council should abandon its confrontational approach to the issue and put its energy into identifying ways to fulfill the promises of the new system.'' (The Institute has pushed hospital shutdowns for years; a May 13, 1999 press release asked for ``reassessment of the ... costly reliance on institutional care, such as nursing homes and hospitals.'' Mrs. Graham is the Institute's Vice Chairman and two other trustees are Post directors.)

- The FCC Web -

An offshoot of the Federal City Council called ``D.C. Agenda'' demands cutting back funds for the poor, in favor of wealthier citizens. The group says its ``bottom line'' is ``reducing the overall cost of government, while also improving basic services considered critical if the stepped-up exodus of middle-class taxpayers is to be stopped.'' (quoted in the City Paper Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 1994. D.C. Agenda is financed by a Katharine Graham family foundation, which was headed by Agenda project director James O. Gibson.)

The godfather organization, Federal City Council, directly dictates to Mayor Anthony Williams and his staff, in regular meetings at the FCC headquarters across the street from the Washington Post.

Mrs. Graham, officially an FCC trustee, regularly dines with FCC chairman Terry Golden. Her son, Post chairman Donald Graham, decides who enters the organization, as chairman of the FCC's membership nominating committee. Post President Boisfeuillet Jones is an FCC trustee along with the two Grahams.

Other media leaders work in the FCC web, seeing to it that the group's gangsterism is not publicly discussed. Banker Joe Allbritton, who controls Channel 7 and Newschannel 8, is an FCC trustee; so is Douglas H. McCorkindale, Gannett newspapers (USA Today) president. Sharon Percy Rockefeller, boss of public broadcasting's WETA-TV and -FM, is Federal City Council's Vice President for membership and finance.

Shaw Pittman Potts & Trowbridge, the law firm of William Barr (George H.W. Bush's Attorney General and ``Southern Strategy'' operations specialist) runs the FCC's legal affairs and has two lawyers as FCC trustees.

- Warming Up for Genocide -

The Federal City Council boasts that it ran a previous project in which poor black families were moved out of the area wholesale: the 1960s Southwest D.C. (waterfront) renewal. Under FCC direction, with cover from a favorable Post propaganda barrage, the Rockefeller family funded the Southwest ``Negro removal.'' D.C. Agenda chief Gibson was longtime project director for the Rockefeller Foundation for this sort of thing.

Last year, Mrs. Graham's Terry Golden and the FCC financed Mayor Williams's referendum campaign to take away the voters' right to elect the School Board. The FCC has in fact organized the entire crusade for the destruction of the School Board, putting up such fronts as the Committee On Public Education. Their goal is to privatize Washington's schools so that the income stream from education can be diverted to speculators, the same looting that has devastated the energy and health-care sectors.

At the time of the anti-School Board referendum, FCC chairman Golden was revealed to be a member of the education section of the D.C. financial control board.

As a channel for ``Negro removal'' pressure, the Federal City Council created the Washington-Baltimore Regional 2012 Coalition. They promise big dollars for the capital region, if steps are taken to change Washington's complexion and attract the Summer Olympics of 2012.

- From the Top -

Two of the most powerful officers of Mayor Williams's cabinet are ideal FCC representatives. Deputy Mayor and City Administrator John Koskinen was formerly the national ``Y2K Czar,'' funneling billions of dollars into boosting worthless ``New Economy'' firms. The Federal City Council, in its 2000 Annual Report, trumpets the fact that they first brought Mr. Koskinen in, and they provided his services to the city free of charge, for the purpose of reforming the governance of the schools.

The Mayor's Chief of Staff, Abdusalam H. Omer of Somalia, previously worked as a specialist in destroying the resistance of poor countries to being controlled and destroyed by globalization. Omer was a consultant to the World Bank for ``civil service reform.''

The IMF-World Bank agenda for looting Africa is now applied to America's capital city. The FCC and its satellites explain this agenda as ``overhauling the systems that serve urban low-income families--public schools, welfare agencies, health services''--by cost-cutting and shutdown of facilities.

The Washington Post has been in this business for a long time.

Katharine Graham's father, Eugene Meyer, formerly head of the Federal Reserve for Herbert Hoover, bought the Post on June 1, 1933. Three days later, on June 4, Meyer ran one editorial praising the new Adolf Hitler government for its efforts to cut costs and ``contain inflation,'' and another editorial on the same page attacking President Franklin Roosevelt as a dictator.

Graham's husband, Post publisher Philip Graham, founded the Federal City Council in 1954. But he became very close to the Kennedy family, supported civil rights, and broke up with Katharine, who despised President Kennedy. Phil Graham was put in a mental hospital, released into his estranged wife's custody, and, the next morning, on Aug. 3, 1963, was found shot to death in her bathtub.

Thus, the peculiar political and racial philosophy of the secretive FCC group now reflects the mind-set of the ``Black Widow''--Mrs. Graham--more than that of its official founder.

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