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What's new at Marvin's?

Pending the approval of the permits, Marvin's maybe getting a facelift. Plans are underway for renovation. Does this mean no GCBs for a couple of months? Nope. Plans are to start construction adjacent to the existing building. Operations would then be moved to the new building before starting the construction on the existing site. The two buildings would then be joined. Same food, same place, bigger, better building.

How do you feel about the possile changes? Send us an email.

There may soon be a Marvin's near you, if you live in Wisconsin. DePauw alum Fred Wiliston is planning to establish a restaurant in the area. We'll keep you posted as to the official opening date.

Heard any good Marvin's rumors lately? Have an idea for an addition to the menu? We want to hear them. Just send us and email.