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Welcome to the Marvin's restaurant homepage!

Come on in. Step up to the counter. Take a look at the menu. Take your time. Order when you're ready.

Marvin's, the home of the garlic cheeseburger opened its doors in 1978 with original owner Marvin Long. More than twenty years later, the tradition continues with Mike Sullivan and his sons.

Marvin's is an extremely informal place. We like to think of it as a place where you can relax and hang out. You don't need a reservation, you order at the counter and drink refills are on a "serve yourself" basis. As many of you know, Marvin's delivers in the Greencastle area. Now you can even place your GCB orders online.
Business Hours:
M-TH 5pm-1am, F-S 5pm-2am, Sun 5pm-12am

Summer Hours:
T-S 5pm-10pm, closed Sunday and Monday.

Let us know what you think of this site and our restaurant. You can send us e-mail privately through the "Contact Us" page. We're always looking for ways to improve.

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202 S. College.