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Electronics is a hobby,
DIY is more like a necessity

Why electronics ? Well, in the 4th grade, I got a present from dad, a siren kit which I put together, and from then on, I was hooked. Most of us probably have a similar story... :)

Why DIY ? Aside from the hobby and fun part, a lot of it is plain necessity.

It's easy, and how easy, to go to the local store and buy whatever gizmo you need (a remote control, a radio unit, a uC programmer, etc).
But when you can't find it anywhere, or there is very little to choose from, prices are outrageous (compared to the figure you have in your pocket), international orders are very complicated (all ye with credit cards try to imagine yourselves without them), or the order just isn't worth it! (try buying a $5 uC and pay $30-$100 for shipping and then add some import taxes as well, including the shipping costs to the taxation! Yeah, it sucks.

What's left ? Try to get whatever components you can and build your own.
It will most likely never outperform a factory one, but it will have it's use for you, in most cases (99%) it will be a whole lot cheaper and you get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that you built it!

I dedicate these pages to a series of projects I built, am building and some future plans.
Information comes from various sources like the big Internet, magazines, booksm datasheets, application notes and, of course, my own work.

The aim is to provide others like me with much needed information for wasily building projects they don't have access to, or just fulfill their enthuziasm for this hobby.

What can you do with these projects? See my copyright/copyleft notice where I explain it in much more detail.

All projects presented here conform to a set of simple and straightforward conventions, for the unwary, see details.

Projects bearing the "Tested !" mark are those that I built, tested and some of them are probably currently in use.
By being tested I don't mean that they are final, complete and perfect. Each may still have bugs, inadequacies, etc. But they do work and they do so reasonably well.
Tested !

Projects bearing the "WIP" mark (or Work In Progress) are those on the workbench right now. They are not finished, maybe not yet working, maybe the project was just started. More information may be added at any time. WIP

Projects bearing the "Experiment" mark are projects that I designed myself or put together from various sources, but I did not build them yet. These are future experiments I'd like to build. If you build them before me and they do work, please let me know. Experiment

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Should you feel the need for more security, here is my PGP public key

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