Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda Cast

Kevin Sorbo
Captian Dylan Hunt is the last starship of the System's Commonwealth High Guard. His starship is Andromeda. biography

Keith Hamilton Cobb
Tyr Anasazi is first officer of the starship. He is a two meter tall Nietzschean. Nietzscheans are genetically engineered Human subspecies. biography

Lisa Ryder
Beka Valentine is the sexy but tough commander of salvage ship Eureka Maru. She was born and raised on Maru. Her ship helps rescue the Andromeda from the the black hole. biography

Lexa Doig
Andromeda is the artifical life that embody the starship Andromeda Ascendant computers. The ship is her primary body. Her official designation is Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge AI model GRA 112 serial number XMC-10-182. When interacting with the crew, she be a face on a computer screen, a semi- transparent hologram, a robot, or an android. She can inhabits many additional bodies simultaneosly with total awareness. General Utility androids are metalic androids with approximate size and shape being. Captain Hunt says they like robots from the ancient silent movie Metropolis. Andromeda have one human looking android body. She can divide her personality into different independent parts. She can play chess against herself and without knowing which divided personaity will win. Organic crew make command decisions and Andomeda carry them out. Andromeda cannot pilot the ship when its moving fast than light. The Andromeda have full rigths and citizenship under Commonwealth law. biography

Laura Bertram
Trance Gemini is spirited but mysterious young female alien from an advanced civilization. When asked what race she is, her answer is purple. Gemini is the ship's Life Support officer and also serves asbotanist, xenobiologist, medic, and occasionally spy and thief. Although she feels superior to the rest of the crew, it is her reponsibilty to look after the crew. biography

Gordon Michael Woolvett
Seamus Harper is Andromeda's young wise cracking tech expert. He is the only crew member born and raised on Earth. Harper had been hiding from Magog raiders and Nietzschean zealots for most of his life. Harper has a plug on the side of his head that lets him interfaces with many computers. Using his plug, Harper can speak French, know how to cook scouffles, or control computers. He lacks social graces. His immune system is poor from the bad enviroment he grew up in. He tends to catch any infection. biography

Brent Stait
Rev Bem is an alien of the carnivorous race called the Magog. Magog use a potent paralyzing venom to restrain their victims and use their bodies to incubates the Magog's eggs. Despite the notorious reputation of his race, Rev Bem have a gentel soul. Rev Bem is a scienist, sociolist, linguist, and priest. He desires to aid Captain in his quest re-united the six galaxies. biography

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