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Tribune Entertainment Company site for television series starting year 2000 fall season. Kevin Sorbo stars as Captain Dylan Hunt of the Systems Commonwealth High Guard. The Commonwealth spans six galaxies with many cultures. The show follow him and his crew in their battles to end chaos among the stars. SciFic cable channel site for cast/crew, episodes information. ======================================================================

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Main plot of series

Andromeda Ascendant: Biography

Nietzschean: Bone blade

Biograhy: Friedrick Wihelm Nietzsche

The Works of Friedrick Nietzsche

Andromeda Logs: Philosophers

Episodes title quotations

Real Earth History staring with Bell X-1

System Commonwealth Territories

Andromeda: Course Logs

System Commonwealth Languages

Commonwealth Timeline on Gregorian Calender

Systems Commonwealth Artifacts

Andromeda Logs: Genetics

Andromeda main cast

Name origins: cast Worlds Tyr family

Andromeda Logs: Obituary

Andromeda Logs: Chats Transcripts

Official Photo Galleries

Andromeda producers

Andromeda Birthdays

Andromeda episodes list

Andromeda episodes credits

Andromeda episodes transcripts

Andromeda episodes reviews

Polls of Episodes

Preproduction Development of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

US cities 2000-2001 airing Andromeda

Schedule by week air for most USA and Canada markets

Andromeda showtime finder for USA cities

Andromeda's Astronomy

Andromeda in Greek mythology

Mythology: Hercules relationship to Andromeda

Celebrities Fact Finding Sites

Internet Search Engines

Astromony and Space News

Andromeda Logs: Systems Commonwealth Links

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