Hercules kinship with Andromeda

Andromeda and her husband Perseus are Hercules greatgrandparents.

Persues like Hercules has chief god Zeus as his father and a mortal woman as a mother. Persues mother is Danae. Hercules mother is Alcmene. Alcmene is a granddaughter of Perseus and Andromeda.

Persues is also Hercules half brother and Andromeda is also Hercules sister inlaw.

Hercules stepfather, Amphitryon, was a grandson of Perseus. He was the king of Tiryns. He was the brother of Alcmene mother. He was Alcmene first cousin, uncle, and husband. He was also Hercules great uncle.

Andromeda and Perseus are grandparents of Eurystheus king of Mycenae. Eurystheus was in charge of imposing and monitoring Hera's 12 labors on Hercules. Before Hercules was Born, Zeus had decreed the first born grandson of Perseus to rule over all of Perseus other descendants. Zeus had selected Alcmene, who is Hercules mother, to give birth to Perseus first grandson. Hera cause Eurystheus to be born before Hercules.

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