Plot of Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

Captain Dylan Hunt is starship captain of The System's Commonwealth High Guard. His starship is the sentient starship Andromeda Ascendant. Andromeda Ascendant is a military starship with a crew of 4000. The ship pilot is an insectoid Than. The first officer is a Nietzchean (genetically engineered superhuman).

Captain Hunt and his crew on the sentient starship Andromeda is gets caugth in a black hole. As the ship approaches the black hole event horizon, the artificial gravity generators of the ship interacting with the event horizon of the black hole had intensifies the normal time dilation effects of the event horizon. They are in suspended animation in the black hole for 300 years. The salvage starship Eureka Maru commanded by Beka Valentine recues and reanimates Captain Hunt.

During the last 300 years a fierce war has devastated the known universe so badly that Hunt's ship and the knowledge of his time are beyond what the current people are capable of understanding.

Captain Hunt is the last starship captain of the System's Commonwealth High Guard. He takes upon his shoulders the task to defend the universe from chaos.

Captain Hunt has to collect a new crew for Andromeda which is significantly less than his old crew of 4000. None of them are professional military people. Some of them are not interested in the common good for most people.

Starship Andromeda Logs

Burton Craddock

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