Heather's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for January 2001!

Ok. Dorian. He is a cool guy... not really. He is a character in the manga we are starting, Shonen Chikara (Boy Power). There's not a lot I can say about him without spoiling any of the plotline, so just look at his face or whatever for now. Hehehe!

Questions or comments on my Dorian? Please send them to me at either my email address or our email address. I don't care which, I just want some of that good ol' fashioned email. Wait, that's not old fashioned. That's new-fangled crap. Kids nowadays... WHY WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL, IT WAS 150 MILES TO WALK IN FREEZING WEATHER AND UPHILL BOTH WAYS!.... anyways, just email me if you aren't too scared.

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