Megan's Drawing of the Month Presents:

Drawing of the Month for June 2001

Well, this I call "Uragiru Ningyo" (hee hee, I feel smart now. I can translate stuff.) It means "Betrayed Doll" in how I meant it. Ningyo also means "mermaid", but I meant it as "doll". Zeke likes dolls. That's the guy. The doll is all eyeless and "freaky". I know it isn't, but that is A-OK! (aok) So, anyway, this guy has no real purpose but whatever I feel like making him do. He makes dolls.

Email me or something. Tell me I suck. I don't care. ME! TELL ME STUFF!! Questions? Comments? Zeke is not all that original, but don't steal him anyway, blah blah blah, I say this every time. But your punishment for THIS drawing (of which you SHALL NOT STEAL, or you shall getteth the punishment) is. . . I shall take yuor pencil. Then I shall break it into very small pieces and put those small pieces of which I made up your nose. Then I shal make you breathe through your nose. OW! You shall yell. Then I shall take Master Encht's gas, and release it through your nose. ASFIXIATION! (is fun)

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