Blue Box

How can I be a computer geek if I don't have a sweet computer? The old "Green Box" was seriously lacking. So, I had a complete overhaul. Of course, I think only three people ever saw the Green Box. Myself, Dad and a guy at Funkey Computers in Tukwila. So, rather than explain the updates, I've created a site that describes the build from the ground up. The next time I update the computer I will probably just explain the upgrades rather than do another from the ground up description.

Click the picture to head on to the build page.

I've run some benchmarking programs, here are the scores I got. Download the programs and compare your computer's score to my computer's scores. I should say that the drivers used here are a little old, so newer drivers could raise the scores. Also, I know I can overclock my machine to over 2.4ghz, so these scores are really just the tip of the iceberg.

3dMark03: 3717
PcMark03: 3031

Both by Futuremark

These are a couple of other pictures of my computer

Here's the newest computer setup. Big thanks out to dad for the new monitor. Let's have a moment of silence for the old dell monitor that lasted 6 years and 9 months. ~silence~

How beautiful is this? That's right, a linksys cable modem, perfect for high-speed internet. On top is a linksys wireless G broadband router. So I can now access the internet anywhere within my apartment, on the patio and probably all the way out to my car in the parking lot. I can't really tell right now, my laptop is broken and currently is being fixed. Also, the router allows me to connect up to 4 devices for 100mbps transfer speeds. Of course, Hogosha is casting a protection spell against crackers and viruses. Oh yeah, Hogosha is japanese for guardian. So far he's doing his job, except for that virus I downloaded. Norton antivirus took care of that.