Ethnic Dolls From Around The World - National and Regional Costumes

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Japanese Kokeshi Doll


It seems that ethnic dolls have been pushed aside in the world of doll collecting, but these dolls are still a great favourite of mine, they are my "Nations of the World United in Peace". 

My collection started many years ago when I was filled with dreams of travelling to far away places and an intense desire to learn about the people who lived there. Opportunity knocked when I came across a pen pal column in "Junior Digest", and with address in hand I made my first trip across the world to Japan via the mails.

Through this contact I  acquired my first doll which was a Japanese wooden Kokeshi doll. And so, I began a doll collection. Each year I added more and more dolls. My collection became a varied one consisting of national costume, historical, artist, modern, and antique dolls.

Personally I prefer International and Regional costume dolls, as our world past and present are recorded in these little dolls, they are a wonderful teaching tool, history, geography and cultural studies are a never ending fascination to the ethnic doll collector. I think these very colourful and richly attired dolls deserve more than a second glance.

The three larger dolls were made in 1979 by Kyugetsu, Co. Tokyo, Japan

Musical Japanese Doll



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