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Beautiful large pair of Polish dolls. 20" high. All handmade.


The costumes of the Krakow region of Poland are very destenctive with men wearing either red and white or blue and white striped baggy trousers, inserted into knee high, hide boots, around his waist he wears a wide leather belt with two rows of metal discs hanging from it, a white shirt, a long navy coat with a red border all around the edge, decorated in front with red tassels, on the head is worn a four cornered red hat with a plume of peacock feathers and long flowing colourful ribbons.
The womens costume consists of a very colourful skirt, lace apron, white long sleeved blouse with ruffled collar, a tight fitting bodice in colours of red, black or dark blue, richly embroidered with silver and gold sequins and colourful beads and tassels, she wears high laced up red or black boots and her head is adorned with a wreath of flowers and long colourful flowing ribbons.



Tatra Mountain Girl

The costume of the Tatra Mountains varies a great deal to the rest of the Country. Here the women wear a wide floral shirt, a tight fitted sleeveless embroidered bodice over a white long sleeved blouse. Instead of the high boots, soft leather cross strapped shoes are worn over white stockings.