Ramsay Ames as
Amina Mansouri

One of the most beautiful actresses to appear in the mummy series, Ramsay Ames portrays Amina Mansouri (actually the reincarnated Princess Ananka) in The Mummy's Ghost (1944) as moody and haunted by a distant past she can't quite remember. Each time she encounters Kharis, this lovely girl ages a little more, and finally crumbles completely into her ancient mummy form when Kharis drags her into the swamp at the end of the movie. This scene of Miss Ames rapidly deteriorating in the arms of the mummy will undoubtedly remind many viewers of the similar premature aging sequence in Ronald Colman's 1937 version of The Lost Horizon.

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Ramsay Ames Writes Back!
My letter from the Princess Ananka!