Mummy's Girls!

There were always women in the mummy's life, and every
one of them caused him problems of one sort or another!
Being buried alive because of his infatuation for the Princess
Ananka was bad enough. But then poor Kharis had to watch
while most of his High Priest guardians lost
their heads over
beautiful women, and thwarted his missions again and again! After
3000 years of this frustration, you'd think Kharis would have
finally taken a vow of celibacy and joined the priesthood
himself. But--eternally dedicated--he never gave up his quest
for the long-lost Ananka.

The various female leads in the Kharis films play two very distinct roles.
In the first two films of the series, Peggy Moran and Elyse Knox portray
normal woman who just happen to get caught up in the saga of Kharis and
the prurient High Priests of Karnak. They are simply at the wrong place
at the wrong time. But Ramsay Ames and Virginia Christine, in the last
two films, are far from being the wholesome girl next door. They are
reincarnations of Kharis' old flame, and are fated to have their destinies
bound up with his. This imparts a more supernatural aura to the
final mummy movies and distinguishes them from the action/adventure
orientation of the first two films.

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Marta Solvani (Peggy Moran)

Isobel Evans (Elyse Knox)

Amina Mansouri (Ramsay Ames)

Princess Ananka (Virginia Christine)


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